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  1. Absolutely beautiful week, primo season to be out in the field. Perfect weather for coffee on the tailgate at dawn.
  2. They got him after the pics got posted to the hiking club blog and started things rolling. Recovered some 30,000 artifacts from the guy's house. Also a coupla four years back he was fined one million dollars for burning down 7,000 acres of Inyo national forest, Definitely a real winner.
  3. Add another one to the list of prehistoric bows broken, removed, or looted from melting glacial ice According to the post, Burd was hiking down a mountain in the area Aug. 19, 2014, when Bourne shouted that "he had discovered a Native American bow sticking out from the ice and rock in what remained of a glacier." "He immediately procured some stone tools to start chopping out the ice around the bow to extract it," Burd's post said.
  4. Had a good view of the firefighting aircraft making runs on the Tenaya fire from Glacier Point. The Valley was dang near socked in with smoke as we went through up to Tioga pass. Our hike to Cathedral Lakes and up the domes we nixxed the latter half of on account of an active-though-managed fire still smoldering on our route. Hoped to get some good vistas of the escarpment from down south of Bishop later that week but it was just too dang smoky. We also saw lots of pikas!
  5. Glacial landscapes on the Sierra crest; Mount Dana from the trail down to Saddlebag lake in Twenty Lakes basin. North Peak from Steelhead Lake & above Shamrock Lake. It was, unsurprisingly, hazy and warm. Lots of active fires.
  6. I see ALEK has switched his HAARP machine to "autumn" Do any of y'all have an opinion on either Adam Sobel's Storm Surge or Super Storm by Kathryn Miles? Was feeling a yen to read up on Sandy as the anniversary rolls around.
  7. Boomer rolling in heavy and ominous from the SW. Going to be a good show for the downtown shortly.
  8. Good to see TWC will finally refocus on this subforum's viewer demographic Naughty language
  9. weather west just put up a discussion of the blob and the RRR, genesis & feedback w/ links to more in depth on same
  10. In other news its been a extremely melty year for glaciers in the pac-NW; Pelto reports that at his study sites they measured an average ablation of 7.5cm of ice per day While I haven't seen anything pop up about the alps -- austrian measurements come in in the fall from ZAMG -- its not gonna be a good one. I wonder how it'll compare to summer of 2003.
  11. Via William Colgan's blog: A brewing company teams up with glaciologists, offering to fund research in exchange for the recovery of five liters of ice from 1962, year of the company's founding. Colgan sends them a glowing letter:
  12. By way of situating that in a longer timeframe: QSR 111 Solomina et al Holocene glacier fluctuations
  13. Huh weird behavior from the post editor Quick take: they're melting Slightly less quick take: 1. The melt can be causally attributed to climatic drivers 2. Late 19th and early 20thc melting falls within estimated bounds of natural climate variation 3. Late 20thc and early 21stc requires anthropogenic forcing to be explicable 4. the rate of melt is increasing globally.
  14. New paper from the glacier gang: Historically unprecedented global glacier decline in the early 21st century
  15. South Side (glorious) gettin' a solid drenching with intermittent light show atm
  16. Absolutely beautiful cloudscape looking south from the city as the sun sets
  17. Near miss to my south; ten minutes of splatters and the concrete is already drying. Skies clearing to the southwest with stars.
  18. Its gonna put me on the board instead. Watching it come in with near continuous CC lightning, beautiful flashes and forks.
  19. Watching towers go up in an arc SE to W of the southside. Impressive, easily discernible rapid expansion. Watched the one to the southeast billow up and over like a mushroom cloud before the one directly south pillowed out and obscured it. Excellent vino bucket porch viewing.
  20. Saw a fairly decent light show over downtown while SB on 90/94 this AM, including a fairly impressive run of what looked to be strikes on the masts of the Sears and rump towers
  21. Our children and our childrens' children will stagger across a nightmare landscape of marshy bog, unbroken stratus deck overhead. Their discordant wails are the only sound for the winds, like their hopes, have died. They have forgotten what it is to feel sun and sky or storm. But it does not matter. There is no weather worth experiencing anymore. The bank clock has been replaced with a painted sign. It does not change. It is 45F. It will be 45F tomorrow. It will be 45F forever. In his skyscraper lair, ALEK chuckles. The lever of his HAARP weather control machine is set to ZZZZZZ and that is where it will stay until human thought and human memory cease to be.
  22. This has been a cool (good) damp (bad) and muddy, hence crappy field season so far this summer