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  1. Meanwhile, the 6z GFS had 4 hurricanes develop in the EPAC over the next 10 days
  2. All the little towns that don't get much coverage when this happens https://twitter.com/walkyourcamera/status/1552708976134995969?s=20&t=IRDWn31TY4ZBjmpQrp1MAg
  3. Kinda surprised we didn't get a FFW here. 2"+ in an hour. Also winds gusting steadily in the 40-50 mph range for a while and constant thunder. Top shelf storm in my book. Fun without being too wild.
  4. The 12 hr 1000 year flood threshold is 9.5" and 24 hr is 11.1". Many locations are at or approaching those values.
  5. This morning's 12z sounding was quite toasty aloft. GSO recorded a daily record of 15,600 ft freezing level (previous record 15,460)
  6. I wonder if urban heat island is a significant contributing factor. The Triangle has had significant growth even in the past few years, since the last major heat wave.
  7. Meanwhile, GSO only reached 93 yesterday with similar dewpoints. A combination of elevation and cloud debris coming off the mountains has consistently kept high temps much more reasonable (and also at times set up a boundary for storm development) The data backs up my theory. The average high temp in June was 3.2 degrees higher at Raleigh than at GSO (90.0 & 86.8), compared to the historical average having a gap of 1 degree (86.1 & 85.1)
  8. It seems the drought regions of Eastern NC should finally get soaked. When it rains it pours: 3-5" for the coastal plain over the next 5 days
  9. The HWRF has Bonnie making landfall in Costa Rica as a TS. A TS or stronger has never made landfall in Costa Rica in the satellite era, looking at the NOAA database
  10. Yeah, thankfully the triad has been somewhat more fortunate in regards to rainfall this month, but it seems that a flash drought is perhaps underway. High temps and remarkably low RH, will dry out the soil quick, even here.
  11. It seems showers/cloud cover should keep temperatures in check today for the western Piedmont. I wouldn't be shocked if we struggled to reach 90. Friday may end up as the hottest day of the week.
  12. Someone is going to get pummeled (3"+) but more likely the western Piedmont/mountains and drought regions may be much more modest in the rain department.
  13. Should be the hottest day of the year, for a while, although heating up slower than the NWS forecast. Could be a contender for earliest hottest day of the year even (although I'm sure we'll probably hit mid-upper 90s again at some point) Also, it's kinda silly how when there's high cirrus clouds, it's just classified as overcast and the NWS page has an icon showing thick cloud cover.
  14. Although I know the GFS is smoking something...Definitely potential there if something does spin up. Of course with more troughs moving into the gulf this time of year, potential Is more limited, but I could definitely see a strong hybrid type system somewhere.
  15. You see the wedge eroding on visible. Pretty neat with mid level clouds moving west to east and low level clouds/fog moving south to north
  16. Purely based on radar, i'm thinking this zone will be a primary threat area (behavior of early convection and of course areas that clear can be indicators)
  17. A lot of cloud cover moving into the primary threat regions. Typically limits potential. Probably for the best. Although FWIW, the HRRR has clearing pushing in from the south, between 10 am (Charlotte) and 2 pm (VA border)
  18. Fairly strongly worded disco for a d2 slight risk from SPC. Just depends on capping will allow development while instability is higher. ..NC/VA... Low 60s dewpoints will likely be in place across much of NC early Friday morning, with higher values near the coast. This moist air mass is forecast advect northward throughout the day amid the southerly low-level flow ahead of the approaching outflow, with the northern extent of this better moisture acting as an effective warm front. Isolated thunderstorm development along this warm front is possible, where wind profiles support supercells. Damaging wind gusts and a tornado or two are possible with these storms if updrafts can mature. After this initial isolated threat, more widespread thunderstorm development is possible as the outflow moves into the region amid mid 60s dewpoints and moderate buoyancy. Damaging wind gusts within any more organized bowing segments are the primary severe risk.
  19. Although it's been hot the past couple days, it's certainly been nice to soak up the sun. Let's lock in a stretch of weather like this with highs in the low 80s, dews in the 50s in mid July.
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