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  1. A low of 37, pretty impressive sandwiched between two 70 degree+ days. Today has the potential for a 40 degree swing. Anyone have any data on how rare that is?
  2. First decent fantasy storm of the year
  3. Lucy is licking her chops. It's going to be a loong winter. 2018 feels like another lifetime ago
  4. I've been watching the situation closely. Unfortunately, I think there will be too much dry air and not enough forcing which will prevent the column from saturating/cooling sufficiently.
  5. There's no reason Vegas can't start up some weather related bets... unfortunately my time machine doesn't actually take me forward in time. It works more like a database where I can pull up queries on specifically snowfall in the Mid-Atlantic region
  6. https://twitter.com/dariusaniunas/status/1453336151478112261?s=20
  7. Blasting along now at 17 mph. Kinda surprised forward speed hasn't effected it's structure more
  8. A mesovortex that got slinghshotted across the eye (I'm sure that's not the correct term)? Haven't seen anything like it
  9. When it transitions to subtropical, will it continue to contribute towards ACE?
  10. Increasingly, satellite seems to be indicating an EWRC is underway. Will be interesting to to see what recon shows
  11. There should be a mercy rule for these kind of systems
  12. Yep, probably not very likely, I feel like it's pretty unusual this time of year.
  13. That ULL definitely opens the door for some wokiness to happen. And ULLs are notoriously hard to forecast
  14. The GEFS has been quite consistent/reliable thus far
  15. People forget how even when the pattern favors a strong Atlantic ridge, storms that come out of the MDR Recurve OTS like 80% of the time, especially strong storms. All it takes is a slight relaxation of the high.
  16. Sam's inner core organization is a little slower than expected this morning. May support a slight adjustment south.
  17. Some strong to severe storms this evening
  18. Anything beyond this is speculation, but... intriguing nonetheless
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