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  1. That's a lot of ice on top of areas in Virginia that are still trying to recover and get power back on. Power companies are putting in work this month.
  2. Can someone share the 18z Euro for wave 2? Very interested
  3. How is DT's forecast looking now??? Asking for a friend......
  4. DT is always 6 hours behind on the models....its very odd
  5. May finally have a nice storm in MBY.... Northern Neck of VA been since 2018. Euro seems to be done by Friday morning...
  6. im 15 miles from less than 1 or 15 miles from over 6. Im sure this will work out
  7. Mets in Central VA have no idea what this storm is going to do, DT has been hedging is first call. This one may surprise some folks
  8. If this doesnt do it on the Euro, its one run away from it
  9. DT hasnt given up on the Sunday event either....Models really should converge on a solution tomorrow being its only about 72 hours away
  10. How does the Euro Ensemble look for the Sunday Event?
  11. Rain Again for the Coastal..... shouldn't have expected any different
  12. How are we looking on the 12z Euro Ensemble for the Superbowl Sunday storm?
  13. another big storm on Euro next Wed......I wont sleep much this month
  14. Yes, would love to see it stay just offshore and ride the coast so everybody scores.