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  1. thoughts on the day 9 and 10 euro? is that a storm off the coast of Carolina with cold air pumping down from the north? thats different
  2. These events will push north in the models 90% of the time. if North East North Carolina is in the bullseye right now I would expect Northeastern VA and even Southeastern Maryland to be the bulls eye by this time Friday morning in the models. I still think alot may change in the models today.
  3. looks like a good run for eastern va
  4. it looks like a good run for eastern va
  5. what time does the GFS ensemble get rolling.....interesting to see what it shows...
  6. are there any chances for this being a Derecho type event if things come together just right?
  7. Would does it show verbatim for Southern VA Bob?
  8. Great Track but showing pressure above 1000 isnt going to cut it. If storm were to get down to 995 or below it would really bring in plenty of cold air. Per the Euro the actual track couldnt be much better.
  9. what model run is this?
  10. what is it showing for Southeast VA?
  11. euro went east by maybe 30-40 miles
  12. Big Changes in the Canadian.....wow
  13. this run looks much better than the previous 2 through 33 hrs