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  1. I think its time for coastal regions to begin taking this threat very serious..... this isnt a week out....its just over 3 days.....If Euro holds or tics west I think we are starting to lock in on this thing
  2. does anybody have access to any snow maps from the Canadian?
  3. ICON at 84 shows some improvements over 6z to my untrained eye......
  4. DT = Snowstorm kryptonite......if he logged off social media for a week we would have a Blizzard
  5. NAM and HRRR look to bring the precip west quite a bit more with the 12z run......
  6. Are there any similarities to Jan 2000 and this storm? I remember that storm showing little to nothing 48 hours before the event.
  7. Im in the Northern Neck....right on the line between something really nice and not much at all........these kind of storms in the past always tic northwest the final 48 hours........guess we will see if this happens.......it does certainly seem the easterly trend has stopped
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