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  1. is this a cold air damning set up????
  2. why would you use the NAM for anything over 48 hours, its a great short range model, but past 48 hours almost useless....
  3. how did the 00z Euro Op Compare to the 00z Euro EPS...was it east, west, the same???
  4. northern neck of virginia likes the CMC
  5. is the CMC east of the 0z run?? Im only out to 24 hours
  6. what kind of snow totals are you seeing from this run for central Virginia Bob?
  7. impressive run for central Virginia
  8. Can anybody post the snow output from the 0z Euro??
  9. thoughts on the day 9 and 10 euro? is that a storm off the coast of Carolina with cold air pumping down from the north? thats different
  10. These events will push north in the models 90% of the time. if North East North Carolina is in the bullseye right now I would expect Northeastern VA and even Southeastern Maryland to be the bulls eye by this time Friday morning in the models. I still think alot may change in the models today.
  11. looks like a good run for eastern va
  12. it looks like a good run for eastern va