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  1. Did the city get any accumulation? Never heard of this event. Gotta check out some old H5 charts. Had to be a pretty robust ULL
  2. Feels like mid winter outside. Nice, crisp, and cold.
  3. Lol that run was close to dropping that tpv in , edit woops I was looking at the earlier event didn’t even notice day 10 jeez
  4. That band in eastern S VT looks to be croaking. Anyone under that?
  5. Man that’s pretty, so my future apartment would be killing it right now lol
  6. Haha love it, I swear I see starring on my windshield even when it’s 60 degrees out sometimes. My weenie brain plays tricks on me.
  7. I’m kinda upset couldn’t make it up for this one. First event all year I haven’t traveled for lol, I’m like an addict. Even if it’s a foot of snow should be the last “tracked” event until next year
  8. Moving there next fall, so get ready for the ORH curse to begin.
  9. Almost feels like next winter already. April storms/tracking just feel weird in the soul.
  10. Lol, classic run, 2021 out with a bang
  11. Southern VT the spot? Do you guys think the upslope high elevation regions have a shot at 16-18+? Only wanna make the drive if theres a shot at like 16-24" 8-12 isnt really chase worthy right now.
  12. Chase time in mid April?? One last hurrah! Let’s gooo.
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