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  1. Bit of a step back from the 12z EURO, but the OP seemingly flips back and forth each run. Eskimo Joe, I am a Philly guy of course, but the Jan 26-27 2011 is in my top 5 fav storms. The initial WAA snows overachieved here and was a surprise during the morning (got like 3-5" i believe) then Part II had some of the heaviest snowfall of my life. You could almost see it accumulating in front of you. Think I got a foot from part 2 in only a few hours. Love that storm.
  2. I'm baaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... Anyway, just peeked at the 00z EURO, if the LR pattern is right we'd be tracking a winter storm for the 23rd-27th time frame.
  3. WHat is interesting is on the OP, between those hours is when Maria makes a quick NW turn before heading back out NE
  4. What is interesting is the 12z EURO and 00z GFS to lesser degree show a sudden sharp NW trajectory @ our latitude before switching back NE. THe GFS was really close to a landfall near NJ. It is also still a very strong system too as it gets close to us. Long way to go.
  5. Last few runs of the GFS and today's 12z EURO bring Maria really close to NJ/NE type landfall. The EURO was fun it kind of used Jose's remnants as a pendulum and closes in on landfall before escaping NE. Tonight's 00z GFS was very close with a still very strong Maria at making landfall in NJ. Between the hours of 150 & 168 hours Maria makes a fairly sharp NW turn before escaping E. I know we just got teased with Jose and it is very far out there, but I think this could end up being a close call.
  6. OT to current obs, but man the last few runs of the GFS, including tonight's 00z really come close to bringing Maria into NJ. Almost boomerangs W before shooting off NE once it is at NJ latitidue.
  7. Looks like all of the 00z models across the board really keep Maria OTS thankfully, long way to go though. I remember @ this range when we were still wondering how far N up the E coast Irma would get.
  8. CMC brings Maria into the SE Coast, GFS was farther SW, but heads NNE up the coast and out to sea.
  9. One of the more entertaining LR EURO runs.
  10. Posted in other forum, but man that pattern on the models across the board is ripe for a SE US landfall system to my untrained eye. Behind Jose the models show a nice HP/ridge forming in response to the -PNA it looks like. Definitely eye brow raising tonight when we have the GFS/CMC/EURO all show a major TS hitting the SE Coast Day 9-11. Do you guys know if this system would be Lee or Maria?
  11. 00z EURO would have probably showed landfall near NC
  12. ^ Awesome post. THe 00z EURO is out to 222 hours for me. It looks like it has a TS (I believe Marie) which is going to be a close call for the Carolinas this run it looks like. All 3 models that I mentioned previously all show a huge HP behind Jose which forms likely because of the big time -PNA/Western US Trough going on. This HP, if modeled correctly, would likely block any TS system from skipping out to sea. This is under the radar right now because it is 10 days + away and most eyes are on Jose, but if the models continue to show this by let's say Monday night/Tuesday, hype may start.
  13. The 00z CMC along with the GFS and NOW the 00z EURO all show a major TS affecting the SE coast Day 8-12. I could not imagine if FL took another hit that would be devastating
  14. OT, but if you look @ the Ukie at 144 hours you see a TS developing in the W Atlantic.....Also, as posted in the other hurricane thread, the 12z GFS shows a major TS hitting the SE Coast during 200-252 hours. As for Jose, question, when is the last time besides Sandy that a tropical system has made landfall North of the Mid-Atantic?
  15. Check out the 12z GFS between the hours of 210-252 hours. I'm not sure which named storm that is if it is Lee or Marie, but a pretty dangerous pattern for the SE Coast/Florida with the major block it shows during these hours.