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  1. Chase time in mid April?? One last hurrah! Let’s gooo.
  2. I was aiming for those really heavy totals in the extreme N part of the state. Just saw Malone was near that. If you take the 00z NAM at face value (heh) it seems like 3 maxes like up near that area and NW, then Lake placid region, and near Syracuse. I guess Syracuse region could be a fun trip.
  3. Thank you! Had no clue about the elevation there. The models keep showing heavy totals up that way but i learned my lesson on my last chase to Colorado.
  4. Anyone on here from near like Malone NY? Wonder if that could be a good destination
  5. Maybe I take a quick flight to Malone NY or somewhere around there for this next finale event. Wonder if there’s an outside shot at 2 feet somewhere.
  6. Winter finale this week. Thinking about heading to like Malone NY, somewhere far N NY....could see 12-20”. I think I’ve personally witnessed more snow than anyone in the country this year lmao
  7. I’m contemplating driving up somewhere upstate NY for the winter finale. If we get closer and there’s a shot for 15-20” somewhere I’ll do it. I give that about a 10% chance but ya never know! It’s a pretty potent ULL but it closes off too far NE. Wish the block could force it South some.
  8. We have like 250 days of warm wx ahead who cares if we sandwich in a freak inch or two
  9. Once again, you get heavy enough snowfall with marginal temps at night time it’ll stick on grass at least, I’d obviously sell at this range but it’s fun to look at
  10. With that 50/50 out there and the block wonder if we see this trend even better
  11. The 00z Para also drops a closed ULL same time period as EURO & Control. Just not south enough yet. There's definitely a threat for inland & NNE in this time period.
  12. Was gonna ask the same thing it’s a large bush there’s many of them in the neighborhood and each one has same amount of pollen. It keeps leaves all year I thought it was a pine but maybe not? Last night something must of moved the branches because a huge plume of what I thought was smoke surrounded my car. This morning I figured out it was pollen. Pretty wild
  13. 12z run tried as well, but farther East.. OP then Para
  14. Even though I'm moving up to Worcester next Fall I wouldn't mind one last chase especially after my recent bust chase to Colorado Estes Park (compared to areas N/E of me)... 6z GFS had a very strong coastal Day 8-10 and some ENS/GEFS members have it as well...