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  1. Nice, the warmer the forecast the colder the winter.
  2. One of my favorite storms down here in Philly. 2000-01 was the winter I became a snow weenie (Wright-weather and TWC forums ftw!). I remember going to school in a complete down pour. Changed to snow around noon and we had 1-3” per hour snows for a few hours. Nothing better than other kids trapped on school busses while your mom picked you up early. Little did I know one of the greatest negative busts of all time would happen just a month later….
  3. Link: http://www.raymondcmartinjr.com/weather/ It’s NJ focused so it might not have every event up your way, but from 93 on it’s a great resource. his site also includes radar images from those events
  4. Famartin, Philly region met has a great resource. You can see every 95-96 storm here… here was Dec 20 95’ snowmap. He has H5 maps and everything
  5. I thought this was a famous “surprise” snowstorm https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.inquirer.com/news/blizzard-presidents-day-philadelphia-washington-atlantic-city-20190218.html%3foutputType=amp Grew up in Philly, born 86, Blizzard of 83 is one I wish I got to experience first hand, any memories from that one?
  6. My dad lives in Warminster near street and davisville. I think that tornado was just to the west though. Waiting to hear from him. Anyone from near there? those cells SW of city ramping up.
  7. I might be wrong but looking at the track of the core it seems like he’ll miss the inner eye wall… Ida still hasn’t turned N yet.
  8. NASA better contact the guys who set this camera up. This is crazy. So much more time left too, wonder if those homes in the background will withstand it
  9. Is it still possible the recurve happens earlier than thought? that grand isle webcam is starting to look bad!
  10. You can see the winds picking up on that Grand Isle webcam
  11. Was only a matter of time imo. Let’s just hope for continued West wobbles
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