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  1. Was just about to mention that. Means vrry little obviously but the 00z NAM at 84 looks really good. Love the confluence over NE. Looks Euro like.
  2. 12z JMA 500mb @ 144 hours. That is an historic look imo Since it is Ji's thread I have to post.
  3. Im surprised Ji didnt post the 12z JMA it has beefed up WAA snows thru 120 hours. Then at 144 hours it is showing an almost closed off ULL at 500mb that is ready to explode.
  4. On mobile dont have my links could you post the next few frames? Im curious how it looks for the 2nd part.
  5. Going to be a fun ride from here on out. I like your sub forums region because I think regardless of what the 2nd piece does you guys could certainly do well with WAA precip from the initial push. Man if we took the 18z GFS at face value and just got part II to be wrapped up a bit more it would be a godly event. Long way to go folks strap in.
  6. Just day dreaming here, but long duration snowstorms in March can happen. I gotta look up the March 58 upper air pattern but I am fairly sure that was like a 24+ hour event. I know there are some EPS members that really blow up the "second" part. I personally would like to see that be the case because while the HP is there it is sort of a late arrival.
  7. Just chiming in. What an epic happy hour run. I am really curious if this ends up being a PDII like scenario where the first part has some epic WAA snows then the main coastal blows up. One of the most entertaining 500mb plots Ive seen on a model in a long time.
  8. 2 factors imo. 1) how much energy comes out of the west 2) how strong will the 5050 and confluence be. We ran all 3 scenarios at 12z with the CMC moving the 5050 out, GFS crushing the shortwave with confluence, and the Euro being just right.
  9. Wentzadelphia

    March 11-12 Potential Storm

    Hey guys. Checking in I dont post over here as much as I used to. Anyway. First off for those interested (none I am sure lol) today was an event I won't forget in a long time. I had pretty much a slushy coating of snow on grass and wet pavement at around 1130. By 5pm roads were atrocious and I had 8 or 9 inches in Ne philly. Believe it or not even with all my snow chasing and wx tracking I had never experienced thundersnow. This afternoon I had 3 rumbles occumpanied by maybe the heaviest snow I had experienced. The only other storm that probably topped it was Jan 2011 in terms of rates, but those rates didnt last nearly as long. Anyway onto the real reason I meant to post. I am im love with this event for you guys. From my experience models always have a terrible time with short waves originating from where this one is coming from. We have a perfectly placed 50 50 and a really sweet PNA spike. What may also benefit this event is it looks like it could potentially be a night time event which could help accumulations. I will say this though that from experience the UKIE tends to overstrengthen shortwaves thay dive down from where this one is being shown to originate from, but well know if it was lnto something here shortly. Regardless, I am truly rooting for you guys in this one because I know from watching as an outsider that this winter has blown for your region.
  10. Wentzadelphia

    March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    The 12z Ukie is about as perfect a model run youll ever see.
  11. Wentzadelphia

    March 7-8 possible snow threat

    18z rgem is a big hitter fwiw.
  12. Wentzadelphia

    March 7-8 possible snow threat

    Dew points at 33 34 on the GFS with heavy precip but it is somehow 38 degrees at the surface. Lol ok...This is either going to be heavy snow or white rain. If we get heavy rates it is a 4 to 8 type deal of wet clinging snow.
  13. Wentzadelphia

    March Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    500mb looks nothing like 1993. If anything it is similar to 96 believe it or not.
  14. Wentzadelphia

    March Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    The 12z GFS 500mb map for this LR event is about as ideal a setup for a HECS that you can get. Block. 50 50. My lord