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  1. Regardless if we've cashed in on anything yet, it is clear that we're getting off on the right foot with a bunch of threats to track. Beats the hell out of last year.
  2. Does anyone have the 00z UKIE beyond 144? @ 144 itself it seems IMO to have the best setup out of all the models (6z GFS/GEFS def shifted S as well)[email protected] 144 on the UKIE there is also some energy in Canada that looks like it would dive out ahead of the main ULL, helping with confluence and shifting it Southward potentially.
  3. If this 50/50 low ends up being legit and we see modeling strengthen it as we get closer it certainly wouldn't shock me to get some front end frozen even into the cities. We'll see if any other models hop on this idea as we get closer.
  4. How does second event look? 120 low is in decent position, but I dont have precip
  5. Improved ICON look so far @ 108 hrs compared to 6z run. Less phasing going on with that Canadian shortwave. HP in better location
  6. That was 2001. After that storm...a month later...to make my depression worse...my company winstar folded and I lost my job Ji do you remember talking to me on AIM the night of the Dec 2000 bust? You said you were leaving a party and knew it was a bad sign that you could still see stars in the sky....Don’t ask me why I remember that lol....That was the first year I got into wx boards etc. One thing I remember leading up to March 01 was Ji & Noreaster’s (not sure if he posts anymore or has a new username) infamous threads on wright-weather. That storm was a punch in the gut. Who also remembers JB’s newsletter title on Saturday AM before the event? Anyway, 6z EPS looked colder & showed more CAD for next week’s event, and the day 9-10 thing could make up for it if it ends up being a bust....fun times ahead hopefully.
  7. Tell Ji it looks like we also have the JMA in the EURO camp....Who can deny the EURO/JMA team?
  8. EURO has a nice wedge with heavy snow in the NW burbs, but very close to the cities at 192 hours. Not sure before that. This is the same event that the FV3 & GFS have...The GFS is warmer while the FV3 is colder (though who could have guessed that).
  9. This day 8-9 event has some legs. It doesnt look like it will be a clean event with no 50/50 to keep the low south, however there is good antecedent cold and HP in a great spot. Could certainly see a thump to drizzle type event in the cards if everything works right for us.
  10. It just goes to show you, we sometimes get excited on a NAM run 48-60 hrs out when it is wrong now WHILE the event is occurring lol
  11. Moisture distribution/locationon the models has been really terrible so far for this event in a lot of places IMO, even down in KY/TN...
  12. Man, seems to me all the models have done a piss poor job for your location, even the latest HRRR and 12z NAM seem to be not picking up on the heavier precip near DC etc....
  13. True, but with the super cold temps wouldn’t take much QPF to get some accumes
  14. Glitter bombs are def a fav type of winter event. Nothing like snow falling with temps at 20 degrees or the upper teens. I think you guys south of MD line could end up with .15-.2” of QPF which could end up being a 2-3.5” type deal if luck holds out.