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  1. Tenman Johnson

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    What are 850’’s? Mid to late October squalls up there can dump high amounts.
  2. Tenman Johnson

    2018 Mid-Atlantic First Freeze Contest

    Darn it I went early on the prediction and IAD made 33. iI think Sunday night it will and BWI close.
  3. Tenman Johnson

    Summer outlook

  4. Tenman Johnson

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    Like the very mild first 10 days October and next would like to avoid any intense mid Atlantic coastal storminess in time period 10/23-10/30. Looking good for winter I think, not spectacular snow but above normal chance of catching a giant one even if only 30% versus the typical 5-10%. I think Jan is quite cold and even Keith does not have a torch like the dreck of last 2 winter. still think we will get 12-15 downtown and 18 to 25 in suburbs, not great but good things to do.
  5. Tenman Johnson

    October Discobs Thread

    The winds just got here, gust to 30.
  6. Tenman Johnson

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Remember that nice mobile home park near the Air Force Base? My aunt had one, We found a mirror and a dolphin shower head. Even that sturdy Air Force base was hammered
  7. Tenman Johnson

    October Discobs Thread

    It feels like a storm is coming
  8. Tenman Johnson

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    Early October warmth has nice winter outcomes.
  9. Tenman Johnson

    2018 Mid-Atlantic First Freeze Contest

    DCA:Oct 30 BWI:OCT 22 IAD:Oct 22 RIC:OCT 23 IAD Oct rain:2.4”
  10. Tenman Johnson

    KA and Wx53 Winter Outlook

    KA- Temps-above average, ranging +1 to +2 monthly snowfall-below average, 12” at DCA This is actually not bad from him 2016-17 he went 5” and last year 8” and in 2016-17 went +5 on temps for two out of three months I don’t have the analogs yet Weather 53 Outlook Temps Dec:0 to +1 Jan:-2.5 Feb:0 to -1 Snowfall: 15” at DCA and 18-22 for IAD, BWI. 10-1/18-Neant to have written that think we will turn dry for Oct and Nov then back to above average for DJF. My primary analog years are 1964-65 and 1969-70. I found the analog years unusually easy to pick Keith and I are pretty far apart on temps and rather close for snowfall
  11. Tenman Johnson

    Hurricane Florence

    4.7” here in 4 hours overnight with that feeder band. Some sections of BW Pkwy had 6. Luckily my yard drains downhill and away. Another downpour as I post dying tropical feeder bands in the overnight with rolling thunder and intense rain is spooky
  12. Tenman Johnson

    September Discobs Thread

    That’s what was happening. Flash, then count to around 20, then house shaking thunder that usually only happens when elapsed time is 1-4 seconds, not 20. great explanation-Thanks
  13. Tenman Johnson

    September Discobs Thread

    Tremendous overpwrformer for a strip from Richmond to northeast MD. One of the biggest t&l downpours ever for midnight into early morning hours 4.7” total here from 11pm to 3 am.
  14. Tenman Johnson

    September Discobs Thread

    Looks like 3-4” in 60-90 minutes. That’s a scary drive after dark between DC and Balt.Trees bend way over in very heavy rain
  15. Tenman Johnson

    September Discobs Thread

    2” in last hour. 2.7 total House shaking thunder