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  1. Headed over to Sugar Mountain today for a job interview. If I get this job, I will guarantee the best winter of the century this season.
  2. alright lads, it's showtime (LOL) (Via Brad. P)
  3. I'll tell you one thing, Robert is very bullish on this winter.
  4. Guys....Guys....
  5. I have a theory. This theory is that the longer this pattern holds, the bigger the reversal will be when the pattern finally does change. And since it looks like it might be November before that happens.....Bingo.
  6. And death...
  7. Haven't made it up near Beech or grandfather yet, but colors in ashe and Watauga are "boring" right now.
  8. So...I guess Boone took all my rain? I had about an inch and a half out of this past system at my house...
  9. I wanna be in steamboat springs right now.....
  10. hit 31 at my house according to local readings. When I was headed to work at around 9 am we still had some in the shade. Honestly very exciting lol.
  11. Had the first frost yesterday at my house. Made a post about it on Brad P's FB.
  12. As a Saints fan, I was kinda hoping y'all would win. I'm ready for everyone to be fired after signing AP.
  13. Screw the kicker. Cost us the game. Very good game besides that.
  14. Many of beers drank at macados for me as well, dating back to last friday.
  15. Yea I do miss Gino's. I only ate there once before it closed since I moved up here around 2010. Was some absolutely fantastic place to eat. Not much else has changed restaurant wise, but we do have a Burger King again lol.(But it's trash)