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  1. I'm sketchy on the new Tundras as for now, but we'll see what happens when I actually get my hands on one.
  2. I've been living in Monroe for almost 3 weeks now. It's rained twice for a total of about a quarter inch.
  3. Hey guys! Been a while since I posted and miss being in this subforum. Actually moved down to Monroe (SE of Charlotte) last week, so my 13 year run in the mountains is over. Can't wait to see what happens up there this winter, I'll have to live it through your guys' posts! (Self plug, come buy a Toyota from me lol)
  4. Got ice on the trees and some of the car handles at my lot this evening.
  5. After today and tomorrow hope we are honestly done with snow. The sun has made me happy.
  6. Light glaze in Boone this morning. Heavy rain in the early morning hours really prevented heavier accumulations. Roads were worse driving home last night than they were going to work this morning.
  7. Not sure what the temp is, but can tell the HEAVY rain saved a lot of ice from forming, at least so far. Still some ice on the trees, but a little bit bummed.
  8. Roads actually got dicey getting into Boone. But fine in town. Just glad to be home.
  9. Coming through banner elk. Reading of 30 degrees and very light precip
  10. Down to 33 and it’s a sleet storm. About 10 minutes from elk park. Roads still fine.
  11. On 19E headed towards elk park. Temp reading flirting between 34/35. Snow/sleet mix still.
  12. Heavy snow/sleet mix wherever it is I’m at now on my journey home. Temp down to 37
  13. Alright I should have left earlier. POURING sleet. Car thing says 41, so should be fine.
  14. I’m on my way back to Boone now, but I’m in Johnson City, TN currently where the temp is 40 degrees and it’s pouring sleet. I’m not sure how the dynamics compare from here to east of the apps, but just something to note.
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