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  1. Trying to beat the heat by watching peoples weather forecasts for the winter, but now I'm hurting from laughing, specifically from the farmers almanac.
  2. Although its been "hot" up here recently. Tomorrow I get to experience nearly 100 degrees for the first time in a couple of years. I feel like my body isnt ready to sit in the concrete oasis known as the Knights stadium.
  3. First time in 6 days I believe it hasn't rained a drop in downtown Boone.
  4. Via Zaloos Canoes FB. about a mile away from where I lived in Ashe before moving to Boone.
  5. Got some rain up this way in Boone last night. Hope yall had some as well, can already tell my allergies are so much better. (That's what she said) also the heat doesnt bother me unless I'm working and dont get to enjoy it lol, then I just want it to be miserable and wet outside so I feel like I'm not missing anything.
  6. Alright I'm over the heat. Havent felt rain since the Tash Sultana concert on Mothers day at Pisgah Brewing. When do the early bogus winter forecasts come out??
  7. Are there livestreams of any sorts to watch everything out west? I've try looking but I can't find anything good.
  8. Seeing Tash Sultana at the outdoor stage at Pisgah Brewing tomorrow. Might be in for a rough time.
  9. Just had a quick changeover to a wet snow in Boone.
  10. NOAA's FV3-GFS weather model received some upgrades on Friday, hopefully enough improvement to move into operations in early summer. Time to seriously compare to operational GFS and monitor good/bad aspects. - Ryan Maue
  11. Robert went 100% in on this weekend lol. I'm almost nervous
  12. Monroe got more snow today than *most* of us in this forum have seen since what, mid January?
  13. So, have't looked at the models much but it looks like the 12z GFS and FV3 are way off the coast. is this a new thing? cause thank goodness if it is, I want zilch more snow.
  14. I was really looking forward to spring, then one of my buddies told me I had to look at april 2nd. So looks like were back for one more round.