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  1. all we would've needed is for the HP to slow down 12 hours... that would have been a monster run for the mountains if it did. Nice and cold leading up to it with a solid CAD.
  2. What a shocker, we need blocking to keep the high in place. Was several ticks stronger this run, but got scooted out to see, granted the trajectory of the Low wasn't great for most.
  3. Yea I mentioned that in the mountains thread, looked like an absolute beautiful changeover.
  4. i'm discrediting the GFS currently as it doesn't even know where to send next week's storm yet, but the Euro is still close to something big, and the 0z run still has a good changeover to heavy snow as the system departs, still not out of this one yet.
  5. Still got roughly 8-10 days before potential system #1 is here. The storm signal itself is there on all models, location and upper level stuff is of course different at this stage. But I'd be surprised if we made it to Christmas and didn't get a nice little storm.
  6. Well 12z GFS isnt gonna be like the 6z at all. Not that it is surprising at all.
  7. Although the CMC has a lot of differences, it also has the storm signal at least.
  8. If it gives you any confidence, Robert is a full Gung-Ho on the pattern getting cold for someone in the east mid month.
  9. Well that was pitiful compared to forecasts.The cold feels great when the wind dies down though. In other news, GFS has the first true gulf low on the 14th. Let's see what the magic 8 ball has in store for mid month.
  10. midday 3k nam got me on the hype train again. Kuchera with 25 inches for Mt. Mitchell lol.
  11. I'm not "as" excited as I was 2 days ago about the event, but hey snow is snow at this point.