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  1. Well Ray isnt that good of a forecaster. I would say based on current models that it should be snow above 4k and worth the trip. But who knows the way models have been going the past 48 hours honestly.
  2. Because that would be the biggest snow in Boone this season so I dont believe it yet lol. That and while everyone else has had snow this evening, we've barely gotten a couple of flurries.
  3. I'd say that's showing a little 2-3 inches for the northern mountains and 4-5 inches for the southern mountains, assuming all snow. Would be the biggest event so far I think technically lol
  4. Robert made a post similar to your first sentence and he's a tad bit excited about it.
  5. Robert is a little hyped for our midweek system. Always a good sign.
  6. And confirmed his 13 YO daughter was on board too with another parent and player
  7. idk if I looked at it wrong on my phone, but next weekends storm is actually nice for the northern mountains on the GFS now that I can look at it on my work desktop. And CMC. Euro is a clean miss way to the south lol.
  8. With the 12z runs coming in, I'm about ready to give up until next year. Just no cold to work with when we need it.
  9. I would say I've gotten a solid 2 inches of instantly-melting-as-it-hits-the-ground snow today.
  10. we really need that HP to stick in a bit more, virtually 0 wiggle room temp wise. but all in all, it looked very good.