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  1. On and off flurries in Boone for most of the day. Has gotten colder (roughly 39 to about 34) than it was at 8 this morning.
  2. Of course I don't take anything TWC says for granted, but only 2 days are above 40 on the 10 day outlook. It's something much more to a "normal" winter finally.
  3. Today in Boone: Snow > melt > snow > melt> snow. No accumulations outside of grassy surfaces and even most of that is melting.
  4. About time it started coming down in Boone. Green to white in about 20 minutes and visibility is horrible. About time for the wrecks to commence for people not ready.
  5. Quiet in Boone so far. looks like totals on the NAM for this weekend have been going up for Watauga and Ashe.
  6. not sure who it was that said it, but the quote (may be off a bit) "if we don't score in this coming pattern, we suck" is ringing in my head. Very excited about how the next couple of weeks look.
  7. Light snow in Boone for the past 2 hours or so. guess I'm working a full shift at the dealership even with 0 customers today so not getting to enjoy it at all. Hopefully i can get out and do some measurements this evening
  8. Pouring in Boone again. One of the few areas that is meeting storm expectation, and maybe then some if this keeps up.
  9. I'm at Publix. We've had more callouts than show up and about 5 customers to show for it. Gotta love retail. I'm more worried about the drive home than I was the drive in at 430. Yea we have one salesman who can’t come in (covid scare) one that quit, two call outs, it’s me, one other salesman and my GM and we aren’t going to do anything all day, except waste a good sledding day.
  10. Yep, and I still have to go to to work (I’m a car salesman, I’m soooooo not needed today) hopefully we get a little more banding but it looks like it’s gonna taper off soon.
  11. Not sure what we’ve got so far, but looks impressive on the ground outside, looks like a lull about to kick in, hopefully get some more banding in here in the next couple of hours
  12. Quarter size flakes in Boone, finally sticking to sidewalks and the road slightly