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  1. Dropped 2 degrees this past hour, now at 33.x. Getting a slushy coating on wooden surfaces, pavement and metal not so much.
  2. I'd take the Euro in a heartbeat, but not letting it play to my emotions. Although I have a feeling heavy rates will happen about 5pm asI had a smoker delivered to my work today and have to get it home and unloaded which means dragging stuff out of the garage, getting it in and then putting the stuff back in.
  3. Such a waste, what would be an accumulating snowfall rate just melting away with mid 30's temps. Temp did drop one degree from 36 to 35 this past hour. Wish the colder air would arrive quicker
  4. Small flakes are falling here, no rain yet
  5. Depending on duration, your area could extend beyond 12Z 2/13 so woupdn't be included in Day 1 graphic. It was just something to post awaiting the 12Z NAM
  6. ILX latest graphic. They seem to be more on the optimistic side of things, I'd be ok woth 3"
  7. Cutoff a bit too close for my liking, hope it's a bit more south than that
  8. They also did this mornings AFD, I have seen them do the ILX forecast in the past when the Lincoln office has computer issues or other technical difficulties.
  9. Still can't get my hopes up with difference between 10:1, Kuchera and snow depth on 0ZNAM 10:1 is greater than Kuchera and snow depth is less than 10:1
  10. 21Z SREF Plume more than doubles 15Z, not that 2.78" is anything to write home about.
  11. ILX wasn't very hyped either. Less than 72 hours out and still showing something for us, I'm once again on the southern fringe of things which is fine if it stays that way, but any nudge north and it could be the difference between all or mostly nothing. Why can't we get another GHD event that spreads the wealth for many, yet not everyone. Haven't had a bowling ball type event in awhile that could gibe a majority a good event. One of these winters has to break open, maybe, possibly, hopefully.......
  12. Have about 2 1/2 -3" here, official NWS measurement is 2 1/2" as of half hour ago. I'm the only one on my block with clear and salted sidewalks, lawsuits for thee, but not for me
  13. Took a bit, but finally ztarting to coat treated paved surfaces here. Some of those returns to my S and SE making me nervous. Don't want any sleet or rain
  14. Still gets me 3" I'll take it, would love more to keep daily highs a bit lower
  15. NAM still showing hope, even when viewing snow depth still approaching 4" IMBY at hour 36
  16. Is it's full run complete on other sites? I use pivotal mostly and only out to 29 and show w.8 kuchera. Setting my expectations at 3" and hoping for better. I've lucked out the past couple winters with band regeneration, may have cashed in all my luck but I'll never stop hoping
  17. ILX graphics, just on the edge of the warnings issued by LSX, but definitely in the right spot if tonights runs deem an expansion. Setting my expectations low but have a little hope for getting the right band overhead, that's all it's going to take for a narrow swath to overachieve.
  18. Advisory here, ILX only going 2-4 with up to 5 along IL River. Hoping we can overachieve like a few times back on halloween and a couple in Nov.
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