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  1. 18Z NAM and HRRR miles apart at 36 hours, outside of OK/SW MO
  2. I do not know the answer to that. I do know that his forum posting, regardless of which site, has dropped off significantly in the past couple years. Whether he is here or there I cannot answer knowingly.
  3. WPC acknowledges a threat, ice maps tend to be overdone with sleet or even accretion rates being exacerbated. His reply was more MBY related
  4. Nah, wasn't that bad lol. I created it way back when a lot of accu members jumped over here, lot of them IL posters. I've lurked frequently, had to create an account to be able to view images being posted Having quite a few smarter than most members here and some legit Mets. Makes it a little intimidating to post being an enthusiast and not actually schooled in weather.
  5. Signed up years ago but haven't posted until now. Liking the trends IMBY, Halloween has been the best snowfall here, nickel and dimed ever since with a few advisory level snows.
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