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  1. Par for the course. South Jersey has been SVR central in recent years.
  2. Spring 2018 banter

    Same here. Bring on the thunderstorms, already.
  3. Just shoveled a little and took a measurement on the grass: about 4 3/4 inches here in New Providence and half as much on pavement. I'm not complaining after the ~15 inches of cement two weeks ago.
  4. About 3 inches here in New Providence. Don't know how much of that melted already.
  5. Around 8 inches here in New Providence, heavy snow still. Lost power about 20 minutes ago.
  6. Moderate precip here in New Providence, a mix of fat snowflakes and rain.
  7. Just had a couple of stiff wind gusts here in New Providence. Fat snowflakes falling right now, but it's been flipping between rain and snow.
  8. Light sleet here in Summit
  9. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Well, I for one love rainy days!
  10. Tropical Banter Thread

    I can't wait to see what pressure NAM spits out with this one.
  11. I've been hearing rolling thunder here in NW Union county for the past 30 minutes or so ahead of that storm near Lebanon.
  12. Best storm I've ever been in was 5 years ago in Brick, NJ. 70 mph gusts and constant CG strikes with incredible mammatus afterwards (which is in my profile pic.)
  13. Severe Weather 7/13-7/14

    I was just outside and could see faint flashes from that storm down in Atlantic City from up here near Rt 78. Pretty neat.
  14. Severe Weather 7/13-7/14

    South/Central Jersey wins again! Looks my my shore house is going to get blasted by that storm down there.
  15. Closest station to me in New Providence is reporting 0.19". Sounds about right. Got split by the cells that popped up ahead of the line and then split by the line itself. Better luck next time, I guess.