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  1. Nice sunset tonight
  2. Snowing here in New Providence
  3. Light snow in New Providence. Started about 5 minutes ago.
  4. 14"
  5. Overcast here in N Union County.
  6. Boy oh boy, just got a close CG. Just when I thought the storm was winding down.
  7. Light sleet here in New Providence. No sign of snow yet.
  8. Seaside Heights Earthcam: http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newjersey/seasideheights/?cam=seasideheights Water is about 15 feet from the boardwalk now.
  9. The scene from NW Union County. Light snow right now, about an inch on the ground so far.
  10. Moderate Rain/sleet mix here in N Union county
  11. Thundering here in n union county. Heavy rain and gusty winds about 15 minutes ago, now just moderate rain.
  12. Storm as it rolled into Union County last night/this morning This could have been a decent shot if I had the aperture in check. Better luck next storm, I guess.
  13. great light show as this storm moves in
  14. Pretty nice blast of wind upon arrival of this storm. Mod to heavy rain now in N Union County.