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  1. Cyg12

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    Lot's of flashing to my NNW from that Tor warned storm in NJ.
  2. That little cell went right through my area. Winds started gusting from the east and then switched to winds from the west.
  3. I saw a few flying around my backyard like a week and half ago. I remember thinking that it was strange seeing them so late.
  4. Lots of flashes to my west with this line
  5. House struck by lightning in Summit. Not surprised, there was some serious lightning this morning around here.
  6. Getting pounded here in N Union county. Heavy rain and lot's of cg strikes.
  7. So, did anyone here have a tornado go down their street? lol
  8. Just had a crash of thunder here in NW Union County. Cell looks like it's slipping just to my north. Edit: aaaand it's severe warned
  9. Pretty good wind to start off this storm. Heavy rain now with several close-ish strikes.
  10. Wow, lots of strikes going on here.
  11. I'm looking at LightningMaps.org and the strike detector is going bonkers over the Cranford/Roselle Park area.
  12. Just had a random crash of thunder. That cell just popped out of nowhere to my east.
  13. Storm about to cross the Jersey border is tornado warned. Quite a light show from here in Union county