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  1. Cell just popped up to my west in the Basking Ridge area. Can hear some intermittent rumbling. Edit: just had what sounded like a closer strike. Hmmm..
  2. 87mph gust near my shore house in Brick. Wish I was down there today...
  3. Quick hail shower in New Providence. Bigger cell coming down 78 behind it.
  4. Sun is out now in New Providence. Winds never really picked up at all around here.
  5. Just heard a rumble of thunder here in New Providence.
  6. Lots of ice on the trees and decks in New Providence, roads seem fine though.
  7. All snow here in NW Union county. About a half inch so far.
  8. Wow, I wouldn't doubt I got some 60+ gusts in that line here in Union County. Saw a few transformers pop in the distance as the front approached.
  9. Wind and torrential rain right now. Not much lightning.
  10. Looks like I'm in the sights of that SVR warned cell in NJ. Getting clipped by the front part right now.
  11. Constant rolling thunder with this cell in Essex county. Sky looked black while on Rt 22.
  12. Storm in Union county just before it hit. Had some torrential rain for a couple minutes with a few close strikes. Most of it went just north.
  13. The main event wasn't so hot here in NW Union county, storms just kind of closed in from all sides and fell apart. Upton seemed to know as they left the top half of the county out of the SVR warning. Congrats Long Island, though.