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  1. I think the main question is storm mode. CAMS seem to be trending toward a classic southeastern US "grunge fest" with widespread nonsupercellular convection in the warm sector, and a QLCS along the front. This could therefore pan out like 5-20-19 in the plains, with an impressive environment but a lack of tornadic supercells.
  2. looks like Brad Arnold almost just got hit by a wedge... Hard to tell from his vantage, but very large cone tornado passed right near him.
  3. Eye sonde 928 mb at 17 kts. So ~925-927 sounds about right.
  4. Wait, 929 mb at 75 kt??? Something smells fishy here. Methinks they didn't hit the center.
  5. I guess there is a reason why they cap the rate of T increase. Who would have known...
  6. Well the actual Dvorak numbers weren't that high. Everyone was ejaculating all over the raw Ts.
  7. I guess this means trump will win the election
  8. I'm not even mad, I'm kind of impressed.
  9. Gets letter in the mail a few days later. <FIRED>
  10. FWIW, highest raw T on Goni was 8.0. We are at 8.4 on eta right now.
  11. I'll be the first to say it - there is nothing different about this satellite presentation than that of Wilma/Patricia. Perfect pinhole eye surrounded by thick moat of -85 < C cloud tops.