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  1. You could make a very convincing argument over the past decade that the worst location for snow in NC is the Lee/escarpment. It sounds asinine given the CAD potential and higher elevation but dang. Downsloped on flow and eastward tracking upper lows. And many storms phase too late for us to be part of the fun. 2018 was nice but holy cow I don’t remember a time where we’ve been in snow poverty worse than this stretch of years. 
    The run for Boone since 2015 has been pretty crap outside of the 2018 storm which fell in an otherwise fairly unremarkable season.

    The airport has recorded only 0.5" through January 31 which as best I can tell has never happened before. 2020 was close with only an inch, but before that you have to go way back to find anything similar.
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  2. The 18z gfs operation doesn't look good either. Doesn't really make a great push of cold air in here at all. The negative epo just dumps west and the SER flexes and the trough cuts north of us. 
    I will gladly punt the rest of this winter if I don't have to see this piece of junk pattern again for another decade.
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  3. Yeah the so called pattern change is not going to come to fruition until probably March.... There has been a recurring them that has repeated since September. And that is exactly what we are looking at. At this point the only way we get a synoptic storm is threading the needle on a storm because we are getting plenty of moisture in here.
    Yeah when a track like this upcoming weekend brings rain to all of us you know it's a crap pattern.
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  4. Just got back from a quick walk on the Parkway up to Rough Ridge on Grandfather. Very little snow on that side, maybe an inch at most. Several sections were mostly bare ground.

    The wind was absolutely insane, however. First time I've ever been sitting on a rock outcrop and been scooted sideways along the ground in a gust. Easily 60-70MPH up there.

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  5. Did you see the hrrr? It has the gl fetch reaching down there.


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    Yeah not terrible.

    Unfortunately my wife just tested positive for COVID so we have drastically changed our weekend plans in the last hour. We will be sitting here at home for the next few days and going down there another weekend.
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