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  1. Driving down 40 between Asheville and Old Fort this afternoon was not fun. Ran into quite a bit of pea to dime size hail and strong winds with zero visibility coming down the hill.

    Saw several cars that had hydroplaned coming through a downpour in Asheville too.

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  2. I rented a telephoto lens and dealt with some serious light rings/abberation which sucked. Still managed some solid pics out of it and it was an absolutely amazing experience. So much better than 2017 if nothing else due to the length. At 4m 8s of totality I really had time to enjoy it.

    These were all taken from Herrin, Illinois. I hope to have a time lapse video together soon as well. DSC01933.jpgDSC01760.jpgDSC01907.jpgDSC01888.jpgDSC01829-2.jpg

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  3. The NAM 3k really blows up storms across the area. Also an early snapshot of the snow. The snow looks convective early on.

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    I saw thundersnow in April of 2016 or 2017 (one of my first couple years up here anyways) from a similar system.

    Honestly it can do whatever it wants as long as it's clear wherever I wind up at on Monday lol

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  4. We've had a couple of days of great motorcycle riding weather across the Mountains. I'm noticing more folks out and about enjoying the break, but I am not seeing the typical early spring flowers making an appearance just yet. The models indicate we may see freezing temperatures early next week. 
    My whole yard is coming up daffodils. Looks like some of my removal efforts last year may have made the problem a bit more widespread. LOL
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