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  1. I know most talking snow, but ocean is absolutely wild. waves overtopping dunes. temp 45 degrees, inch of rain. winds hit 55-60 at weather station in Trustum Pond national wildlife refuge( my peak gust at 45 but somewhat protected from southeast winds). local report of 77 mph on Newport bridge
  2. thunderstorms over night. 63.3 degrees.peak gust 24mph. you could see bank of clouds over ocean this am ready to move in
  3. picture from West End of Hartford this am
  4. Been snowing steady on coast since early this morning. Probably 2.5 to 3 inches. have shoveled a couple time; very wet, but covers instantly. BUT temp was at 29 degrees at 5:30am then slowly rose to 32 degrees. JUST ticked down a degree. And I am close to beach. Still heavy snow from NE, peak gust 26( but a little sheltered from NE winds)
  5. Eversource got absolutely killed in CT by legislature and other public officials due to its lack of response to Isaias. If anything, company is probably overreacting
  6. from a friend at Eversource. Eversource will declare an Emergency Event Level 4 at 6 p.m. on Thursday, December 24, meaning we expect 10% - 29% of customer outages, or between 125,000 to 380,000 outages, and 1,500 to 10,000 trouble spots. Restoration for a Level 4 Event can range from 2 to 6 days before most customers are restored. Already secured over a thousand hotel rooms for crews through the weekend
  7. just flipped to heavy mix here.winds roaring. I am elevated, my ocean view gone (quarter mile away)
  8. wind really starting to ramp up on coast. 40 degrees and slowing dropping but my weather station has average wind speed of 24mph and just had a gust to 34.
  9. From a friend on Block Island: Power company just sent an email talking about 80 mph. Wow.
  10. now up to 46.2 degrees at RI coast
  11. We are having a summer thunderstorm on RI coast
  12. Snow with maybe a touch of sleet. But temperature dropping, down to 26. winds are going to be story. Averaging over 20 mph with last gust to 30. Fully expect to lose power. My generator ready ( runs furnace) but worry about wide spread power outages with cold coming in
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