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  1. There may be a better way to post this here, but I am cracking up from it!
  2. I just love "I told you so" posts prior to the start of an event.
  3. Gettin absolutely hammered in Bound Brook...ATV is the preferred mode of transportation apparently.
  4. Light breeze in Bound Brook, I hope this continues rather than the higher winds others are reporting. I love extreme weather, but not on Christmas!
  5. They are Middlesex, and I am the jutting nose of Somerset County which is practically in Middlesex County. Edit: I'm drinking too much...really I am the opposite of the jutting nose of Middlesex county.
  6. I'm pretty surprised, we are usually one of the first to change over. We are basically at sea level here, so usually pretty different than the higher elevation just a mile or so away.