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    Bound Brook, NJ
  1. March 7th 2018 Coastal Storm Observations

    I'm in it in Bound Brook...it's bananas right now. Limbs and wires coming down all over. I had about 6 inches an hour ago, now has to be 10 or so.
  2. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Exactly what she said...I honestly could not recall. But of course, I am drinking Jack Daniels, so...
  3. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Just discussing this with the wife and wondering...when was the last time we were above freezing?
  4. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Oops, put this in the wrong thread. Hopefully, it's worth reposting for you! First snowfall of the year has me reminiscing about my favorite storms. Check out my thoughts on the subject...Snow Way
  5. Fall 2017 Banter Thread

    Wrong thread.
  6. Hurricane Irma Max Intensity Contest

    900 mb, 177 mph OBX
  7. Summer 2017 Banter Thread

    Yes I know...my point was that it's been 14 hours without a post and I was referring to a particular person here who loves heavy rain that is on vacation.
  8. Summer 2017 Banter Thread

    No discussion of the potential heavy rain and flooding...somebody must be on vacation.
  9. June 19th Thunderstorm Discussions & Observations

    Line rolling through Flemington now...only thing severe is my boredom. Couple gusts and some rain...
  10. Met Winter 2016-17 Banter

    Guess I have too many people on ignore.
  11. Coastal Crusher Feb 9th 2017

    Please keep it up, I need the PBP because I'm at work.
  12. November 2016 Pattern Discussion

    Got some sleet here in Bound Brook.
  13. Continued Winter Banter.

    It's a military storage depot.
  14. Continued Winter Banter.

    Fire in Hillsborough looks like very heavy snow.