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  1. 900 mb, 177 mph OBX
  2. Yes I know...my point was that it's been 14 hours without a post and I was referring to a particular person here who loves heavy rain that is on vacation.
  3. No discussion of the potential heavy rain and flooding...somebody must be on vacation.
  4. Line rolling through Flemington now...only thing severe is my boredom. Couple gusts and some rain...
  5. Guess I have too many people on ignore.
  6. Please keep it up, I need the PBP because I'm at work.
  7. Got some sleet here in Bound Brook.
  8. It's a military storage depot.
  9. Fire in Hillsborough looks like very heavy snow.
  10. Francis S. Gabreski airport
  11. Ha! It's gonna take many more times now!
  12. Anyone with Thundersnow yet?
  13. It has begun in Bound Brook...flurries.
  14. Hacked account?