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  1. Here we go again, more soggy brown ground for the area
  2. Lake Louise winter goes on and on, wish i was there , April 25th pic
  3. Ditto and checking webcams dreaming I was still skiing
  4. Still mid winter conditions at Sunshine. I'd love to spend an entire April thru May there some day. Glad I got tho check the place out several times over the years.
  5. Over 8,000 acres of terrain, limit of 2,000 tickets sold per day leaves a lot of untracked powder even days after a storm. Snowcat access for $25 took us to waist deep utah fluff. No upscale lodges which is perfect for me. We also hit snowbasin another nice area. Crazy upscale bathrooms and lodges probably built for olympics.
  6. Powder mt. Utah today, 3 days of snow, knee to waist deep, epic day
  7. Over 30" last 2 days snowbasin. Heading to powder mt tomorrow
  8. Skied snowbasin yesterday and heading back today, 28" since we arrived, still snowing. My brother sunk
  9. epic snow for all up north, enjoy! heading to Utah on 22nd.
  10. the live cams have been fun to watch but hurts not being there