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  1. BFF

    Michael Banter Thread

    My hometown, Westerly RI.
  2. BFF

    Hurricane Florence

    KLTX radar is down. Bummer.
  3. BFF

    Florence Observations

    Yep, Duke Energy outage map showing many counties are showing many outages already. https://www.duke-energy.com/outages/current-outages-m
  4. Admins need to give Mappy ban hammer power.
  5. BFF

    Hurricane Florence

    Updated from WPC
  6. My buddies in RI said it was firing pretty good this morning.
  7. BFF

    Hurricane Florence

    12z ECMWF Track out to 72 hours
  8. BFF

    Hurricane Florence

    There will be definitely be some new sandbars that's for sure.
  9. BFF

    Hurricane Florence

    That FV-3 run is pretty brutal for both wind and rain impacts in NC/SC. I'll post the precip clown map once it gets out to ~132 hours.
  10. BFF

    Hurricane Florence

    FV3-GFS 6z loop
  11. BFF

    Hurricane Florence

    Better than my crappy low res shot earlier.
  12. BFF

    Hurricane Florence