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  1. At 1:00 it gets pretty wild , Smith mountain lake https://video.nest.com/clip/0701a5c6ea774a71938fd4d439eefe0a.mp4
  2. Real time https://video.nest.com/clip/aa5edb9b26ef4fd4bb62b39220016b94.mp4
  3. Best hail storm I've ever seen in Richmond https://video.nest.com/clip/123f24655d584dbfa33b564b0f916950.mp4
  4. My Backyard Dec 30 Trace Snow Jan 5 Trace Snow Jan 6 Trace Snow Jan 7 8.0" Total 8.0" Coldest Temp 1f.... several low lying spots were well below 0f Richmond Jan 5 Trace Snow Jan 6 0.1" Jan 7 7.0" Total 7.1" Coldest Temp 0f
  5. I hear ya just trying to give hope in here
  6. 21z sref are way amped and sweet
  7. I found that my camera was offline for 3 minutes and a change in lighting in 3 minuted caused the blue flash in time lapse so no lightning
  8. nice catch I will check out that time in regular time
  9. todays time lapse https://video.nest.com/clip/cfdef17fa16a4a2f88eacb55f1959cef.mp4
  10. Crazy heavy up here Absolutely dumping at Canaan earlier 18 degrees winds gusting to 40mph at 4,100ft heaviest of the whole event and hardly anything o
  11. Dumping at Canaan
  12. Yea it is . You should have plenty of snow
  13. I'm up top on valley view rd next to dolly sods . Just had a gust to 45 mph it's insane outside right now . Probably will ski Saturday