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  1. If at some point in the future vets are so numerous that they completely block out all non-vets from being considered, then I'd consider a change in policy. Right now, that just isn't even close to the case. It seems like vets do block some of the panels...but probably not most...and definitely not all. Experience still does matter in vets vs. non-vets. If a vet is just a vet with a BS met degree..he would not make GS-09 grade. Therefore, non-vets at GS-09 would still be considered on equal footing to a vet or vets that were referred at GS-07 and GS-05. The MIC is not required to choose a vet in a case like that. For example, I was referred to Spartanburg, SC and Charleston, WV at GS-07 and GS-09, but not at GS-05. Vets were qualified at GS-05 so they were referred, while non-vets at that grade were not. Gold candidates at GS-07 and GS-09 were referred to the MIC.
  2. I don't have a problem with the way vets preference is done. Each and every one of has a choice of joining the military and serving in a forward area and putting your life on the line. This is a policy wherein the government gives back to the vets for their sacrifice. If you don't like it...you can sign up tomorrow and get your vet preference in a few years. Now, I think there certainly is some potential for better candidates being overlooked in deference to a veteran...but I think it's a small price to pay. Having a better resume doesn't even really make you a better forecaster, anyway.
  3. not a big deal in the sense I'm not going to b**ch about those who served in war getting preference. several hundred is a little bit of a stretch..the most i've heard is 430...and those tend to be highly sought after east coast locations. Buffalo had 116 last winter. I actually haven't been blocked from the last several applications I've sent in. The downsizing of the Iraq and Afghanistan operations could be concerning for the non-vets trying to get in over the next couple years, though.
  4. just to let you know...qualified vets don't just get the 5 pts. anymore. If there is a few that are qualified at a specific grade...they actually block the non-vets from being considered at that grade. It's not a big deal...but I've been qualified at the gold category for a number of applications but still did not get referred to the local office because a couple vets or more qualified at all three internship grades and blocked the rest of the golds.
  5. there's hardly any damage to W 23rd Terrace St. major damage is found from Gabby St. Blvd and south...2 blocks away.
  6. There was a debris ball on a radar scan at 538...when the tornado looked very near him. I'm wondering if the NWS preliminary storm survey might be off by a few minutes.
  7. some good news for those worried about JoMo...the tornado was strongest after it passed his apparent location.
  8. http://www.nws.noaa.gov/cfo/program_planning/doc/FY-2009%20NOAA's%20NWS%20National%20Performance%20Measures%20-%20Graph%20Update.pdf FAR for tornadoes in 2008 was 75%.
  9. think about all the tornado warnings we see compared to the number of tornadoes...much more warnings.
  10. I think the FAR for tornado warnings is higher than 50%. I thought I remember something like 80 or 90%, but I could be wrong.
  11. I minored in Forensic Science, I've wondered if I could parlay that into something.
  12. HP supercells today? Airmass is pretty moist...PWATs are 1.4-1.5".
  13. From what I've heard, there is a movement in the TV world back towards real mets.
  14. I found the Buffalo Intern position contact at Eastern Region extremely helpful, as long as she was telling me the correct information lol. She talked to me for like 10 minutes on the phone about the process and Veteran's Preference.
  15. He didn't mention anything about it specifically...I just told him that the person at region told me I made gold at all three grades but I wasn't referred. And he mentioned the Veteran's Preference issue and told me I'm close and to keep trying.
  16. As soon as you hear something official let me know. Tom Niziol (NWS BUF MIC)said the same thing when I asked him if he could look at my resume.
  17. The change might be that veteran's block non-veterans at specific grades...not just get the 5 or 10 pts. on their application. I don't know how long the "block rule" has been in place.
  18. Well give someone a call...in fact, other NWS mets on this board in that met job thread reiterated the same procedure that I was told about by two people at NWS ER.
  19. I've talked to people at region over the past month. I don't think they were lying to me. GS-05 and GS-07 vets would not block at GS-09 non-vet candidate. In fact, a GS-09 vet would not block at GS-05 non-vet either.
  20. Yes it does, I've been told this is how it works by numerous people at region. I made the gold category for at least a few intern positions but was not referred like usual since there was a veteran or veterans who qualified at the GS-05/07/09 levels.
  21. I talked to these people before...that's why I'm confused. It's been true for some time that if a Veteran qualifies at GS-05/07/09 that they will block all gold candidates. If the Veteran qualifies at GS-05, the candidates that made gold at GS-07 and GS-09 are referred, and compete on an even level with the GS-05 veteran in consideration. And yes, as far as I know, even if only one veteran is qualified at GS-05/07/09, all non-vet golds are blocked and that veteran goes up against any other non-vet candidates in the MAP group. The MIC must offer the job to the veteran even if by chance he is the only one who gets referred.
  22. The only change I know of is the streamlining of the Federal job hiring process, nothing has changed with Veteran's Preference. I have not made any interview panels, but I was making gold category at all three grades, which means that qualified Veteran(s) were blocking all three grades. I've applied to around 10 intern positions over the past 2 months and it's been the same deal.
  23. There was a couple weeks of straight calc in the beginning of synoptic meteorology at Oswego, just as a refresher I guess.
  24. WxChallenge (The PSU National Forecast Game originally) was recommended, but not required.
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