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  1. Waiting for a nocturnal mcs to roll through this way Monday night
  2. I think lift was a bigger concern in 2011 than this. That cap was strong and the shortwave was north
  3. Coatings here in west Seneca. This pails in comparison to bufs latest snowstorm...may 7th 1989. 7.9" fell
  4. RIP Scott, he had a real passion for getting stuff right which I really admire.
  5. I think March 2012 was more impressive from a regional standpoint. Keep in mind there is a smaller standard deviation in March than in February, so the absolute temperature anomaly won't tell the whole story. Halifax hit 80 in March and they had never hit 80 before May.
  6. Feb 07 did just fine with super cold temps. There was thunder in that band with 850s of -25c. The depth of that cold will be more than sufficient to make up for less than ideal dendritic growth conditions
  7. I think Jan 1977 mean temp of 13.8 is within reach. 11.8 in February 1934 is going to be tough. The mean temp should be around 12 by the end of the week.
  8. 59" in Elma is the highest I've seen. Seems like they would have about the highest in the event, anyway.
  9. I don't think there will be that much rain...the big deal will be the run off. Dewpoints over 50 degrees with temps in the low 60s on Monday with strong southerly winds. Classic snoweating conditions.
  10. I believe this is a surface reflection of the occluded front interacting with lake moisture.
  11. They went to 2 to 3 ft now in the forecast instead of 1 to 2 ft. I honestly think the band will set-up longest very close to the hardest hit areas.
  12. I've got a serious case of cabin fever. Hunkered down here with three other people who are also trapped here. 5 people in this small apartment makes nick a dull boy.