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  1. Sun finally broke through in Columbia at 5:30.
  2. Surprising that GSP hasn't jumped on board yet, considering what has already happened in Oconee/Pickens.
  3. Always good to see an overperformer in the upstate. Can't remember the last time that happened! Maybe it'll actually snow in Anderson, which seems to be about the last place in South Carolina to ever get snow.
  4. Snow in Roland Park, Baltimore City. Ground just turned white.
  5. 0.5" on the grass and coming down nicely. Starting to accumulate on the deck, but nothing on the driveway or sidewalks.
  6. 5" on the ground. Very light snow with sleet mixing in.
  7. Heavy snow for the past 30 minutes. About 2" on the ground now.
  8. Virga to moderate snow in 10 minutes. Accumulating everywhere now.
  9. IP/rain mix in Columbia. We maybe got 0.5" of snow last night.
  10. I had about 1" yesterday and an additional 5.5" today in Columbia.
  11. Just measured 5" in Columbia. Moderate snow right now.
  12. In Columbia, we had drizzle and flurries until about 7:15 AM. We've had light snow since then, which has covered the driveway and side streets. We had about an inch yesterday afternoon/evening.