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  1. I want a storm where my low-end amount is 16 inches.
  2. Sleet/freezing rain mix in Baltimore.
  3. I've heard of the DC snow hole, but the DC correlation coefficient hole is a new low.
  4. Roads are caving in Baltimore. About 0.5" with moderate snow.
  5. Yeah, I work at a school in Roland Park. Rates have already picked up. Looking good here.
  6. Beautiful light snow in Roland Park, Baltimore City.
  7. I can almost buy it, because of course this little event that nobody cares about would be the biggest one of the season.
  8. Light freezing rain mixed with a little sleet. Only saw a few flakes at onset a couple hours ago.
  9. Sleet has covered the roads instantly.
  10. The last one was called Uri, an every time they put that name on the screen I was trying to figure out what the University of Rhode Island had to do with anything.