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  1. Well something happened overnight. The radar looked so crappy when I made my last post I didn't expect to see more than about a tenth of an inch. So far this morning I have 1.19 in the gauge and more to come.
  2. At one time the models were showing .5 to 1.5 inches of rain. So far I have 0.02 from a sprinkle this morning, and nothing since then. Radar as of now looks rather unimpressive. Dry begets dry, perhaps?
  3. 1) Mom is doing pretty good all things considered. She says she is gaining weight back that she lost, and drives herself to some of her doctor appointments. I feel a little bit better, but still wish I was out there for her, but that's a whole other story. 2) They are called "Trailer Tails". Supposedly they reduce the wind drag on the back of the trailer and allow for a little bit of extra fuel economy. I've not yet pulled a trailer with one, but a lot of drivers I've talked to hate them.
  4. My son in law applied and tested with the Baltimore FD. He got called for an interview so not sure where it goes from there, or where he is, or will be, on the eligibility list.
  5. We kind of got lucky and picked up a quarter inch of rain overnight. Not sure if there was any lightning involved with it, though, as I slept through whatever came through. That's the first appreciable rainfall so far for September as it's been ridiculously dry here since the beginning of the month. We only had 0.07" since the 1st. The past two night have featured temperatures holding into the low and mid 70's (74 and 72 respectively) which is pretty impressive, to me anyway, considering the fact that there is significantly more darkness time as we've lost about 2 hours of daytime heating with the earlier/later sunset/sunrise times.
  6. No doubt I'm the only one in this forum loving this late summer heat...
  7. It may as well be a winter storm. The most aggressive model (the GFS) is a typical non-event for most of Central and NEPA. No different from the majority of winter storms over the past 5-8 years. Big SEPA and NYC hit and a South Jersey jackpot...
  8. Well we could use the rain. My lawn was actually greener on Christmas day than it is now...
  9. Both days (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were 69 here. The overnight low 24th to 25th was 59. I mowed mine on Christmas Eve also. I did it at warp speed though. I didn't wnat any of my neighbors to think I was crazy...lol
  10. Has anyone had any thunder? So far here all its been has been moderate, steady rain.
  11. Line of storms blew through here quick a few minutes ago. The main show lasted all of 10 minutes. They were some really fast movers...
  12. I did not take this photo, just sharing for its awesome beauty. It was taken in Bethlehem, PA on Saturday night.
  13. I lived in Arizona for 5 years and the idea of the heat index is deceiving. There is a huge difference in a straight dry 105 on the thermometer and a humidity induced 105 heat index. The dry 105 is much easier to take.
  14. I figured someone was getting HAMMERED watching that show last night. From a distance, it was awesome! We were at Musikfest last night, and left to head back to Tamaqua. That light show kept us entertained all the way home, which is nearly an hour long ride. It was so beautiful that the wife and I both took videos of it. She while I was driving, and me for a few minutes (after I found a wide open parking lot) up by Northwestern Lehigh High School in New Tripoli....
  15. OK, quick question. How many of you have me on ignore since I'm a warm weather lover and most of you love winter, snow, and cold? Lately nothing I post seems to be of interest to garnish a reply, let alone initiate some sort of discussion.
  16. It's not Tamaqua that kills storms. It's me... I'm down here in Bethlehem at Musikfest, and a solid line of severe storms was heading right for us. At the last minute, it did the Tamaqua Split and went north and south of us...
  17. Still holding at 95 so probably the 96 will be my high for the day. It's still mostly sunny here though. I thought it would have been cloudier.
  18. Forecast high for Tamaqua was 91 today, and already I'm sitting at 96. Lots of sunshine and limited cloud cover (up to this point) may have allowed for the additional heating today. I only wish the hygrometer on my station worked properly so I knew what the actual heat index was. Going by other local locations where dewpoints are running close to 80 degrees, a heat index of around 110 is quite possible.
  19. I understand the reasons behind having weather reporting locations at airports, but the heat of engine exhaust and tarmac radiation have to have some sort of impact on temperature accuracy.
  20. Damn...Lewistown is sitting at 96/76 at the moment for a heat index of 110...
  21. Quakertown has heat...lol QUAKERTOWN* PTCLDY 90 75 62 SW8 30.12S HX 100
  22. Anyone familiar with Emporium, PA in Cameron County? Just looked at CTP's gridimages, and they are reporting a temp of 85 with a dewpoint of 78...
  23. Some serious "soup" in Doylestown... DOYLESTOWN CLOUDY 88 75 65 VRB7 30.14F HX 97
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