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  1. lol INTENSE drought. what a joke. was it dry? sure it was. but drought? that's just silly talk. the word drought ought to be banned from this subforum. honest question for all of you: what were the impacts from this alleged drought that you experienced?
  2. I love when you get done cleaning up and the lawn looks all green and awesome. then you look out the window an hour later and there are leaves all over the place again. can't I just get 1 day of enjoyment looking at the clean lawn?
  3. one of my oaks dropped about 3/4 of its leaves yesterday. accumulations 3-4", lollies to 6". disaster last weekend I filled the tank on my leaf blower, and it was empty within an hour. full throttle FTL
  4. At least the temps here have been consistent today. literal 3 degree diurnal spread. hi of 63.6, low of 60.6.
  5. yeah i got 'em too. they suck. i wish they would fall all at once like most maples, instead of taking 4 weeks. And even then, stragglers left on the tree until spring. there is nothing worse than seeing brown oak leaves on top of fresh snow.
  6. more importantly, why the hell are there so many leaves on your lawn? it looks hideous!
  7. it's been around 7 days behind all season long in my part of NH. we are well past peak here
  8. you’re not kidding. 6 hours of leaf pickup yesterday
  9. some do, others actively encourage it
  10. i wear jeans when using my trimmer if only to keep the poison ivy at bay. jeans come off as soon as i am done though
  11. to be fair, the posters in this thread worried about it are from outside of NE. it's really too bad that there isn't a winter conjecture thread in the NY/NJ forum where they could post their thoughts.
  12. oh man 10-11 was awesome in CNE. 40" Jan, 30" Feb. we had a great pack going into march, then poof.
  13. i had 28 "events" between 12/1 and 4/4 that winter, only 2 of them (10" and 12") were > 8". with 116" total. not sure what my max depth was, but i don't think it was anything special.
  14. first frost this morning, with a low of 32
  15. saw some reports on social media about trees/wires down in the NH seacoast area, Rye, Greenland
  16. what a wild night! picked up an inch of rain with downpours of no more than 0.3" per hour, and a max gust of 30. sure am glad that i stayed safe.
  17. I look forward to a benign max gust of 35 and 2” of rain. hold me, I’m scared
  18. "past peak" is going to happen quickly for most areas after tonight/tomorrow (away from the CT coastal banana belt anyway)
  19. It's gonna wash away. i usually don't put down winterizer until november after final leaf cleanup.
  20. he also apparently doesn't realize that a shitty winter in NJ usually does not translate to a shitty winter in New England
  21. not a ton. i've got around 1/4" this week 20 miles west of there 3 " june, 3" july, 4 1/2" august, 6" Sept. there was no stein here. dry at times-sure. drought? no f-in way
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