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  1. Briz600

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    Sleet with snow mixing About 2” bringing the season total to 9”. Awesome winter so far.
  2. Briz600

    Super, Duper SWFE

    32 to 22 in less then 10 minutes
  3. Briz600

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Hovering around 32 for hours now with the main batch of rain on the way out. 1” snow, 1.7 rain, .2 ice accretion
  4. Briz600

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Temps crashed down to 33 about ten minutes ago.
  5. Briz600

    January 2019 Discussion

  6. Briz600

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    Measured 6”
  7. Briz600

    APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    Guess I was wrong
  8. Briz600

    Snow Blitz - Napril 6

    Snowing moderate to heavy, but no accumulation
  9. Briz600

    APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    this one is not over yet
  10. Briz600

    APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    Have a feeling this thing goes north.
  11. Briz600

    APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    What flags?
  12. Briz600

    APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    Looks like a decent setup. I am not sold on the Nam yet, however I can see this ticking north a bit.
  13. To be fair this thing was media hyped to be a big storm. Given the last few storms, and the poor model consistency I don't think anyone wanted to take chances.
  14. I guess I am going to be way off.