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  1. Hope everyone is enjoying. I wish I could have made it back to PA for this one...it will be 70° here in Denver today. My sister in Harrisburg reports 13-15". Looks like my parents in Lebanon County are in line for some heavy stuff for a few more hours as well.
  2. Yeah, I ducked out of work early, but not early enough. Took me a full hour to go the 14 miles from Wheat Ridge to Broomfield. Everything had flash-frozen north of about 64th Ave. Ended up with about 3" in western Broomfield County.
  3. 11 degrees here in western Broomfield this morning, with 4" of fresh powder on the ground. The last inch or so was pure fluff, with nice dendrites. Easily 20-30:1 ratio stuff. I enjoyed an early morning trip to Boulder in the snow, before traffic got going.
  4. After hitting 81° on Wednesday, we picked up 4" of snow yesterday, and bottomed out at 18-19° this morning. I left work early yesterday afternoon and am glad I did. It took a couple of my coworkers over an hour to get up this way around rush hour, when it's normally a 20-25 minute drive.
  5. I'm in Centre Co. for a wedding this weekend and we were out downtown last evening. Freakishly warm.
  6. KBJC gusted to 47kts last evening, and was gusting over 40kts for 4 consecutive hours. Made for a noisy night with our patio furniture bumping around and the windows creaking pretty loudly.
  7. There's a reliable cocorahs site just to my west (Broomfield/Boulder Co line), and we were about as dry as I thought. I think at the apartment we may have had even less, there were a couple of showers/storms where I could see the veil of heavier rain west of here but it never quite made it. June: 1.32" July: 0.42" August: 0.66" Total: 2.40"
  8. Sweet. Glad you could make it for the hottest weather so far.
  9. I'll be back in PA for the long weekend at about 2am this morning. So looking forward to hazy hot and humid conditions for 3 days. Love it.
  10. Still snowing decently here but with the increasing sun angle I think we are about done accumulating. 18" will do it.
  11. Probably the heaviest snow of the event right now in Broomfield. Somewhere around 10-11" in sheltered spots.
  12. At least in the north Denver metro area, there are only a few ornamental plantings that have any substantial blooms or leaf out so far.
  13. Right on the edge here in western Broomfield County...I think with the heavy precip tomorrow morning through evening we get pounded. First and only call...14-17" here, 10-12" at DIA.
  14. Depends where you were...my parents in Lebanon County had >45" of snow and 3 warning level events.
  15. Pretty nice run there. Last 3 in Lebanon County are 52", 39", 45-48".
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