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  1. Cold air returning - went from 49.8 at 11:47 to 41.2 at 11:57 - pretty good drop in 10 minutes.
  2. Seems to be moving quickly north. It went quickly from snow to sleet to rain on the north shore of LI.
  3. Pretty impressive surge forecasted in Peconic.
  4. This is a pattern that seems to happen most summers out east where it is a lot drier than the western part of the island because they miss the thunderstorms. My house in Laurel Hollow has had 4.38 inches for the past month whereas my house in Southampton at 2.81 inches.
  5. 6 inches but on the edge of the dry slot. Still very heavy snow.
  6. 3 inches of snow. Heaviest of the day. 32F.
  7. 30F in north shore Nassau. Although we are creeping up.
  8. Cold Speing Harbor on the top looking south east and Peconic Bay looking north yesterday and last May.
  9. On and off snow and rain but back to all snow here. Temp down to 34 from a high of 42..
  10. heavy sleet continues - 5.5 inches and 30F.
  11. Sleet mixing back in 60/40 snow. 5 inches.
  12. We were all sleet about 30 minutes ago and it is all snow here on the north shore now so that line is sinking south towards you.
  13. It is 50/50 snow/sleet after being all sleet for a couple of hours. Picked up about 1/2 of frozen stuff in the last 15 minutes.
  14. Heavy sleet. 4 inches and 29.5 - NE Nassau