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  1. Yea, it’s a Lowe’s Acurite, but it’s on my covered porch and is usually close
  2. Sun keeps popping out here in NECT, my thermo showing 84, nasty stickiness outside
  3. Finally get to put this baby to actual work
  4. WSW just hoisted for all of southern ct
  5. Plainfield Griswold for the gradient along I-395, had about 3” at my house in Killingly and bare and wet here at work in Norwich
  6. Actually got one of those too as an XMAS present from my GF’s son, I’ve been training with it in my teeth
  7. 12 gauge triple ought, 45 ACP, 357 mag and 38. Oh, and a very alert Shepherd all protecting my generator.
  8. Yup, I was a crew leader with CTDOT in NECT, we knew it was coming and tried to pre stage and still failed with the heavy traffic
  9. Gloria was a great event for a budding weenie, I spent a solid week at the firehouse keeping generators running and going on calls (good stuff for an 18 year old FF/EMT). Bob fizzled for NECT. The next best memory was the blizzard of ‘78, out of school for a week and spent the entire time outside.
  10. My backyard this morning, hoping for a little refresher