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  1. Best map I've seen yet!
  2. Light snow here in Killingly too
  3. I'll try to do a few later, MB size too big and nighttime didn't lend itself to good shots. I honestly haven't seen this much tree damage in my tiny little corner of the world since Gloria in 85
  4. About a 1 mile stretch (Rogers) was just completely inundated with downed trees, all 3 side roads leading out of the village were buried as well. The FD, CTDOT and Town of Killingly highway did a great job of opening back up. Eversource and Asplundh are in town now in force working to restore services
  5. Nice little burst here on the security cam at work in East Killingly
  6. I'm working QV tonight (instead of sleeping ), it'll be interesting to see the response #s for yesterday
  7. My hemlocks have staged a coup on the driveway
  8. First time in 20 years I haven't been able to make it up my driveway using a v plow, needed 3 punches to get thru
  9. Lebanon Ct FD reporting numerous trees on wires on Babcock Hill Rd, impassable
  10. My 2nd winter with CT DOT and I was assigned to the Union garage, didn't see home much
  11. Just checked in for a sec, I've got some really good pics of that drifting I'll post somewhere later in an appropriate category
  12. Let me know if you need eradication assistance!
  13. Got 4 a few miles due west of you
  14. .75 on my driveway, just went and scraped it off
  15. Steve, CTDOT as an agency is bound by purchasing regulations for good and services, these are administered by the Dept of Administrative Services (DAS), as a curiosity I went to DAS's contracting portal today and found contract# 13PSX0029 for Northwest Weathernet in Bellevue WA, all of this info is in the public domain and is easily accessible, when reading the document(s) pay attention to Exhibit A, this spells out the performance requirements that the agency expects. I honestly don't know why there aren't more local (or even closer) vendors on the contract but it's what we have. I haven't been directly involved in the "emergency" response side of the house for a few years now and I'm not aware of any major policy changes. http://www.biznet.ct.gov/SCP_Search/ContractDetail.aspx?ID=12975