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  1. snowing ast a decent clip in Odenton, M.D.. No idea what the temperature is because wife got rid of my digital thermometer that synched to my outdoor weather gage because she didn't like it on the counter.
  2. Thanks. someone said something about a ray-gun or lazer or photon beam device.
  3. haha.... not falling for that but good try.
  4. is it me or is there an enormous snow hole/circle over Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Howard, PG, and DC rigt now. God is laughing at us.
  5. You were right. The snow did make it over 'dem mountains.
  6. 33 and nothing happening in Odenton. Looks like the storm is having difficulty making it through the mountains
  7. Personally I would like this hurricane to come straight up the bay as a category 3, veer left at the bay bridge, crawl up my boss's ass, intensify into a category 5, then start shooting out hydrochloric acid. But that's off topic so I won't discuss that here.
  8. Isn't the elimination of know biases the whole point of models? If the bias is known, the model should correct for it. If it doesn't then it's not providing the most accurate projection.
  9. 33 in Annapolis, some sleet mixing in now.
  10. 36/Rain in Annapolis. Saw a little bit of sleet on drive in from Odenton, but all rain by the time arrived in Annapolis.
  11. Since this is an observation thread, I'd like to note that I observe the big green blob of precipitation over South Carolina and Georgia moving in a decidedly ENE direction. Also, in Annapolis it is cloudy and 44 degrees with light winds.
  12. 25 and light snow in Odenton, MD at 12:22 a.m.
  13. Crofton was always a better area for snow anyway