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  1. Still going? Looks like a good one over Worcester extending west, if it holds together I should get some of it.
  2. My Rhody hates the snow, she ran outside, took a wiz and ran back in front of the wood stove.
  3. I fell like that, after a couple of days I went to the doctor and I had a broken bone, was in a cast for 6 weeks, had to learn to wipe my arse with my left hand, not easy.
  4. It snuck up on people not paying attention, my wife was surprised to see it snowing this morning.
  5. All you have to do is ask. I'm at 5 in, still moderate. Smaller flakes now.
  6. Nice flakes here now, it lightened up but didn't last long as the radar filled in, I'm going to take a measurement in about 1/2 hour, dog needs to go out soon.
  7. Cmon Leo, take one for the team some of us need another tick or two west.
  8. Let's hope it trends south and colder like the other ones have this year.
  9. I have some groupel, some flakes mixed in, light precipitation.
  10. Even in the great years storms come close and miss us, discouraging sure, but I think we'll eventually get one, the patterns active at least.
  11. I changed over to snow, grounds covered, better than the rain I had earlier.
  12. I saw 3 in Worcester within an hour. Slippery snow
  13. Finally all snow, coming down good, should be a nice icy mess tomorrow morning.
  14. I have a little mix now, mostly rain, hope it changes soon with the heavy stuff close.
  15. I drove from Worcester into Charlton and it was all snow, it was snowing hard at the Charlton center, about 1 mile south of Route 20 it changed to rain, all rain at my house so missed out on the good stuff by about 5 miles.
  16. Yeah, I've had my fingers tightly crossed on both hands for two days now.
  17. Almost did a back flip when I took the dog out, didn't think it dropped to freezing but I was wrong.
  18. Down to about an inch or two snow cover, front close so may save some. We saw TSO in Worcester couple weeks ago, good show.