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  1. Now starting to have some snow mixed in the rain in Virginia Beach, a bit earlier than forecasted.
  2. Accuweather dropped me from 3-6” to 1-3” in Chesapeake, VA
  3. Local station here in Hampton Roads---guy showed 3 models, with NAM around 3" and the other 2 showing like 1". Then showed their in-house model which literally had 0 for Chesapeake/Va Beach. He then says he anticipates a "significant snow event"? Huh? Seemed more like covering his bases than actually giving out info.
  4. Parts of this forum aren't that far north.
  5. Imagine how we feel down here in Hampton Roads looking at this. It seems so close...
  6. Continues to ride north of the 5pm cone. After they adjusted the 5pm cone north was riding north of the 11am cone. Yeah, that's kind of a trend.
  7. In SEVA, Chesapeake schools closed starting tomorrow due to some evacuations in the city, Norfolk as well. Virginia Beach not closing til Thursday, at least as of now.
  8. No idea. I'm going through Chicago assuming the delays don't screw up the whole east coast.
  9. What do the locals say about a flight out of DCA tomorrow morning? My colleague is flying out from there to meet me in Reno (I'm flying out of ORF)...he thinks he's okay, but man, I don't know.
  10. Thanks. I have travel plans on Wednesday--flying out west. The bigger issue is that colleagues are flying out of DC on Wednesday as well and that might be a bit iffy. Wondering when we should make a final decision--even if I can get out of here, they may not be able to.