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  1. Seems like we lose one month of winter between Dec and March every year. Most in Jan. Despite this dry period, I've snowshoed twice, snowmobiled once and skied yesterday. Definitely need more snow for snowmobiling, so getting a bit annoyed with the pattern.
  2. Another week without any major storm. Ugh. This is getting old.
  3. That would be fun. You riding this wknd? Trail reports seem to be improving with last snow.
  4. That sensor always seems to be down.
  5. Bottomed out at -13F. That's the coldest my Davis station has reported since I've had it which goes back to 2004. At that time we were living in Sturbridge till 2009, then back to Maine. Without any wind this morning, it really didn't feel that cold. I threw some hot water in the air; most of it vaporized pretty quick. I was bored. Sure would be nice to start tracking a big storm. The cold has been beneficial, but it's time for a good storm. Pretty sad when our largest (11") was back at Thanksgiving.
  6. -12.5f. Pretty sure that's the coldest I've recorded since living here for last 3 winter's. The wind and some elevation definitely helped.
  7. No evidence a squall even went through. 14f
  8. haha, sorry meant, 5min. 5ft would be nice though
  9. Other than saranac lake, what towns/cities do those letter codes represent?
  10. Same. Haven't been following some of the Jan thread, but is there any decent size storm (>6") on the horizon. Looks like the weds and Fri "events" will yield an inch if that, unless in you're in mid-coast ME. My point/click has no significant event through middle of next week. Happy we're getting the cold, but more snow would be nice.
  11. 1F. So close to below zero. Gray down to -10f.
  12. holy fook, break out the crampons (or ice skates).