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  1. 10 minutes ago, DeltaT13 said:

    The ingredients are already onshore so I wouldn't expect massive changes going forward.  Seems like the ensembles are for a later further East phase.  The trough is slightly positive or neutral as it crosses the Eastern Great Lakes.  Not the best for us....perhaps my Vermont trip still has some life in it!

    Looking at 500mb the energy is way, way up north, like in the arctic still. How much data is really up there? 

  2. 7 hours ago, DeltaT13 said:

    These anomalous spring wind events are interesting.  I assume it’s the juxtaposition between the ice cold lakes and the dark leafless land which creates a huge horizontal temperature delta that must drive large powerful turbulent circulations. Add in some of large snow fields in the higher elevations and dense wooded areas creating additional localized circulations and it should be and interesting day… as long as we get adequate solar heating. 

    Satellite looks like it may clear out here in a couple hours. 

  3. My town got called out on the AFD...famous! Lol

    Inversions are low
    at less than 4kft, but sharper sfc convergence between Oswego
    and Monroe county has supported concentrated snow showers for
    areas southeast of Lake Ontario, centered on Wayne county,
    where local accums of 1-3 inches may accumulate through the
    night. NYS Mesonet site in Ontario (northwest Wayne county) and
    the KSDC METAR site in Wayne County along with the BUF radar
    lower few angles suggest a stronger convergence band in that
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