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  1. It is about to get real in Leesburg. Tornado warning radar indicated just issued
  2. We here in Leesburg will welcome you with open arms to experience the JI Snowhole of NOVA.
  3. If this storm happened with 6"+, would we still call this winter a joke? Someone tell Ji to put the sunscreen and sandals away!
  4. When is the pivot going to occur. I am beginning to become JI-irritated with this lull out here in Leesburg...
  5. Radar really looks great for just about everyone now. Banding still looking good for Loudoun County. Snowing nicely right now
  6. We have been under this band for over an hour now. Still pouring snow. Piling up quick now. Everything is white.
  7. Where the hell is Ji? Did he get muted again? Almost worthy of saying puking snow now in Leesburg. If this band can set up for a while, we could outperform expectations.
  8. And right on cue, snow is picking up big time with this band moving in! Beautiful!
  9. We are about to have that yellow band roll through Leesburg. Should pick up soon! Check it out: http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=LWX-N0Q-1-24
  10. Gorgeous outside here in Leesburg. Pouring snow, everything is white, and radar looks great. Hard to believe this is March 21st!
  11. The short-term model thread is an absolute disaster. Enjoy the damn snow and quit the complaining... Radar is really expanding now and looks great!
  12. This band rolling through Leesburg atm is producing beautiful snow. Best snow of the storm yet! Whole ground covered except pavement so far
  13. Snowing in Leesburg. No mix, all snow now.