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  1. Getting close to moderate snow now. Everything except roads white. About time! Love this. 32.4 degrees
  2. 33.4 degrees. No snow. About to change my board name to WeSuck
  3. Just woke up and no sbow yet. This feels like when i lives in Norfolk. Radar needs to fill in now.
  4. 37.8/20.8 in the burg
  5. This is me after 12z GFS suite shows a MECS! https://www.facebook.com/SportsCenter/videos/2051218241563674/
  6. How do I insert videos here?
  7. Is Cantore coming to DC?
  8. Where are my Leesburg/Western Folk? We are pulling this one home tonight boys and gals! Feeling much better after the overnight runs and the radar looks really good based on how it is filling in to our south and the current orientation it has moving NE.
  9. 12k NAM blows. I thought it was going to be great baswd on comments. I was told Leesburg was snow capital of NOVA when I bought a house here. Edit: 3k NAM is ok
  10. Maps? Driving atm
  11. Looks great! I especially like that jackpot over Leesburg. I think those of us west of DC are back in the game. Another 25-30 mile shift, and it gets fun.
  12. Woke up this morning and started on Page 17. By Page 19 I was excited for the NW trend. Got to this page, and back to "We Suck." This chart sums up every morning I get on here...
  13. Just spoke to my grandparents in Tampa. They are very scared and worried now. Roads are too jammed to leave now and are being told to stay put if not already on the road. If Irma indeed goes up the west coast, this may be worse than the east coast because it is too late for everyone to properly evacuate. This is a bad situation
  14. If anything, Irma has gained a half degree of latitude pretty fast in the last few frames and this may have implications for some of the Bahama islands in its path.