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  1. Just now, cigrgd said:

    Mike Seidel was on I-20 in Monroe, LA and compared it to the NY State Thruway in the lake effect belt. 100 yard visibility in heavy snow. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. This storm is amazing.

    It is a convective band that is pouring snow.  Fantastic.

  2. 17 minutes ago, IUsedToHateCold said:

    It’s interesting how these crazy cold shots come down so far south in the middle of the country. I would think that the Gulf of Mexico would help moderate temps in places like Houston, but apparently not or not always? 

    I read recently that in 1895 there was snow as far south as Tampico, MX. 

    Seems like the Atlantic (or maybe our longitude) is our worst enemy here in the mid Atlantic 

    Both the Atlantic and the Apps.  Expansive cold air outbreaks are often shallow.

  3. 5 hours ago, pazzo83 said:

    lmao south TX is going to get more snow than DC this year (and definitely going to record a colder temp).

    It is colder in Houston right now than it has been at DCA for years.  This is amazing stuff.

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  4. Just took a walk with the dog.  Sidewalks greasy but not slippery, if that distinction makes sense.  There is a glaze on all elevated surfaces, but nothing significant.  Maybe 1/8”.  This would have been a big deal if it happened overnight.


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