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  1. Would think it’s crazy but I remember May 1977 so anything can happen.
  2. 4” from my brother in Dudley Ma (Near Charlton Line)
  3. 4.5 from my friend in West Woodstock Ct
  4. Doesn’t matter, once he gets to the 4-5 range the limbs will come crashing down; lawn thread will be converted to tree removal thread.
  5. South=Worse due to water content of snow?
  6. I had a cell tower I worked on Stinkney Hill that had good elevation, but there is a hill just to the west on Rt 190 that had a State tower on it that was close to 1200
  7. Understandable, there is decent elevation in East Thompson, East Killingly down to Ginxy, Pomfret, Woodstock that could fall in the he 3-6. n
  8. Ryan going with 1-3 in NE CT except 3-6 near Union; gonna bust on the RI border towns; peeps are gonna wake up tomorrow and wonder why they have no power
  9. I think NW RI to Union will see 6
  10. East Killingy to NW RI Hills to Union look good in this
  11. Killingly CT with a Tree on a house, house unstable with occupants still inside
  12. Webster Ma and Dudley Ma with trees on houses
  13. Rt 197 in Woodstock CT closed from Old Turnpike to the Union town line for numerous trees down.
  14. Try Quiet Corner Alerts on Twitter for a good feed
  15. In DavisStraights hood Southbridge Ma has tree through the roof with wires involved, did not catch address
  16. Lots of Tree and wires type calls in NE CT Here is a neat little incident page to track outage NE of Kevin https://imas.quietcorneralerts.com/
  17. Tree on a House in Ashford CT, did not catch the address
  18. Wet soil is really going to exacerbate this potential power problem
  19. Can someone start an Obs thread for this event?
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