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  1. Dutchess County area up to 21,700 without power.
  2. Local NWS predicted a trace to maybe an inch on mostly non paved surfaces. Pretty much right on here in Poughkeepsie.
  3. 20 degrees in Poughkeepsie with very fine light snow...2 inches
  4. ….and maybe I'm trying to squeeze into the Metro forum because there's really not a lot of interest in the Mid Hudson Valley...I mean where is there a forum for the valley from Croton to Hudson. I chase snow, I chase storms, I live it, and I really dig it. Thanks for the feed back.
  5. This is true, if I could I would say the Mid Hudson Bridge is the cut off that would be close to perfect. (Hyde Park is just a few miles north of the bridge) The difference between Poughkeepsie and say Kingston is huge...Poughkeepsie is more in the Upton envelope, prediction wise, where as Kingston is definitely Albany...it's only 30 miles but man it's a world of difference.
  6. I would say anything north of Dutchess and Ulster Counties is out of the Metro Forum.
  7. Dutchess County and specifically Poughkeepsie is part of the Metro Forum. Although I am new to this forum, I have posted on other boards that include the Metro area. Never an issue. Although included in the most extreme southern part of KALB, it is WABC, WNBC, WCBS, and so on that covers this area...not upstate nor western NY.
  8. And so it begins in Poughkeepsie...29, flurries quickly transitioning to light snow.