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  1. The last heavy burst changed to snow after it had been sleeting in Rosedale. Now it's down to a light drizzle.
  2. Hopefully this sneak peek going by in baltimore county isn't how the whole thing goes...!
  3. Birds singing and chirping away while the sound of the rain has lessend due to more big wet flakes falling around kingsville.
  4. Have a steady light sleet hissing around kingsville. Double checked with phone light to see if it was bouncing off my jacket or frznrain lol.
  5. Brief snow shower just passed through in the Perry Hall area. Thought I noticed a flake in Rosedale about an hour ago but didn't think it was right but maybe it was..
  6. Can remember or at least I think I remember hearing the emphasis on the end of his name Meteorologist Mark Swayne.