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  1. Jebman, sorry for butting in. You and your posts literally symbolize the epitome of the enthusiasm that drives half the board to be weather enthusiasts. I honestly don't think this forum [and the predecessor] would be the same without your posts. Don't trivialize them!
  2. It's like communion during mass, it's a deep-rooted tradition -named after Jebman- of walking through a snowstorm for the sole reason of admiring the scenery. Now that you know, you should go take one and snap some photos
  3. Very much an uncanny resemblance [first is current radar; second is feb 2010]. The precip shield on the east side is oriented differently and not as intense but the same general shape and breadth. Pretty cool if you ask me
  4. Roads are covered in rockville and probably a little over half inch on non-asphalt surfaces. I'm really impressed with how fast the snow came in, not much Virga despite the low dew points earlier today
  5. Spending the day near Rockville and it's been lightly snowing here for the last hour or so. I'm incredibly excited for this storm! Here's to a pleasant surprise for everyone
  6. Love checking the animated wind vector maps. You look through different heights using the drop down menu on the left of the page: https://www.ventusky.com/?p=37.1;-78.5;4&l=temperature&t=20180104/03 I don't believe it's started yet here in Olney, but I figure the first flurries will begin to fall within the next hour.
  7. Reading through this thread again... so many good memories. Sorry for the pulling it back up again lol. I was going to put this up earlier but it's just as good now (documenting the second half of the storm). I was a bit taken by my own excitedness so pardon the excessive emotion .
  8. Ditto. Same in southern olney; it'll probably taper soon. I measured ~4.5 of sleet/snow with an old ruler. After the sleet changeover, we didn't see any real snow until this.
  9. Yea it's ripping in Olney. Just incredible rates now.
  10. Guys.. this is just beautiful: -- it's been parked right in that vicinity for at least the past 12 hours
  11. Went for my 6th or 7th jebwalk of the storm. Stunningly beautiful outside (although not the easiest to appreciate when your struggling to keep your balance after every step you take..). Very difficult to measure the pack but it seemed to be anywhere between 20 and 24''. Snow is very drifty and the wind certainly was up to par. The rates weren't as intense as last night but were still great. So yea, I must say, I'm extremely satisfied with this storm. Still can't believe it isn't done. Also, I made a few videos and they'll be on their way soon.
  12. It should for those directly north and west of the city. OP GFS is also forecasting another 1'' QP (including DC it looks like). We'll see about DC.
  13. The rates and winds are beyond insane here. I'm not sure of the accumulation though. It's clearly above 16 inches (last I measured, it was ~ 10-11 inches and that was 430 am last night).
  14. I'm also from Olney. it's not raining or sleeting here. But the majority of flakes were clearly rimed when I last went out (15 or so minutes ago) and almost graupel like so it makes sense for the majority of the precipitation to be mistaken as sleet. Update nevertheless: 20F ~6-7'' on the ground last I measured - unofficially. heavy snow with some moderate wind.
  15. ~2'' for the season I'm guessing. .5 accum for the last 2 or so dustings and 1.5'' for this storm.
  16. I remember going outside the garage, and the snow being up to my thighs.. when the garage door opened the snow blew into the house, and I had to clean that up, then I took a picture of my dad's car which was burried totally in the snow. It was quite the sight
  17. ya didnt feel it here either, but I checked and there was one at 8:04 pm..
  18. What do you think the chance is of an aftershock? how rare is it?
  19. Wow I didn't know it could affect so many areas so far Connecticut all the way down to GA felt it from reports on the other regional threads.
  20. ya just felt it too... that was the strongest I've ever felt it.. just stopped here.. insane
  21. disregard my first statement in the first video (was so amazed by the site in front of me that I mistook my driveway for my yard )
  22. They bumped me down to around 4-6 as well... while at the same time the nam dropped 1.25-1.5 right over my house (central/south moco around 10 miles west of i=95 and 25 miles north of dc.._
  23. Why would the ratios be so low? The thickness at 1000-500mb is just below 540 with the warm layer between 700-850, wouldnt that just be 10-1 ratios? Edit: nevermind, just saw your other post on it..
  24. ? surface temps would be mid 30's for central md @ 54.. and with that much coming down along with driving northerly winds, accumulation especially on grassy surfaces is definately possible.
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