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  1. Perfectly situated band over downtown STL. ~28-30dbz. I don't have a way to really gauge the accumulation here but its accumulating quickly. Perhaps nearing 0.8 or so inches? Lovely outside. Temp is 17
  2. Very light flurries in downtown STL @ a balmy 23. Most of the precip has been to the north and south of me
  3. Downtown STL is around .6ish I think. Not too much but made for a nice walk.
  4. Yea I'm not going to miss that at all, haha. It was like a never ending set of really convincing mirages. Not to mention all the lost sleep and work productivity, checking models every 6 hours. God, it was torture but so addicting. Oh yes, that's something I'm looking forward to experience. Really hoping we can squeeze one event like that before winter ends.
  5. Wish I could be there for this.. I've temporarily relocated to MO, aka no more noreasters for me . Anyway, here's an update from the wunderground station near my old house in Olney: light snow, 27.
  6. Literally puking buckets, the house directly in front of mine [maybe 100-200 feet] is difficult to see. Temp is 26
  7. BWI: 5.0" DCA: 2.2" IAD: 4" RIC: 0.5" Tiebreaker: 1.31"
  8. Raining and 31 here. There’s a really beautiful, heavy glaze on the trees and grass. I’m lovin all the glistening
  9. It's snowing directly to your east, https://chart.maryland.gov/video/video.php?feed=bd00eec8003600fd0057fa36c4235c0a
  10. It's not in Frederick yet but it's reaching ground in Washington co.
  11. I do see snow falling on old morgantown cam and exit 35 I-70 cam [which I believe is near boonsboro]. Over central md there's nothing on base radar so it makes sense. It's virga on composite but it should saturate soon if it's already done so farther west.
  12. Was precip suppose to be here this soon? The radar already has composite returns overhead. It may just be a few more hours before we get drizzle or flurries. 36/17 here
  13. 7F at wunderground station nearest to my home, and it’s before 10pm... this is one of the coldest temps I’ve witnessed this early in the ~10 years I’ve been into this hobby.
  14. The winds will still be howling. That's worth an outdoor walk
  15. Thanks for the photo! The trees are iced over and toped with a bit of snow here too- same with the roads and sidewalk.
  16. It's intensifying as I type here, in eastern Moco. I can't see the grass blade tips either so I should be nearing 2'' if I'm not already there. What a great little event.
  17. Moderate snow in Olney, my driveway has caved. Temp is 33
  18. Measured a little over 11'' in Olney. We really hit the jackpot here with this one, and I for one am thoroughly satisfied! I'm hoping this is a good indicator for things to come with the pattern shift on the 20th. I am a bit winded from the obs and storm-tracking -- I forgot how much energy and attention storm monitoring involves.
  19. Can definitely confirm that. Went on a 30 min walk and it's just pouring snow, my hair stood no match.. must've had like a half inch accumulate on it by the time I got back home. I measured something like 8.5 inches on the grass near a local road so I think we had somewhere between 9 or 9.5'' so far correcting for compaction.
  20. It's just off Outerbanks. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/mesoanalysis/new/viewsector.php?sector=19#
  21. It started intensifying here [Olney] just as I finished shoveling, lol. Oh well, it'll be easier the second time round
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