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  1. They will be playing U2 Muddy Sunday soon!
  2. And like the rest so far, it's gone. Nada, zip. It's easy enough to forecast this year, cold and dry and warm and wet. Some like their women like that.
  3. I'll take the heat for it! There's nothing like ending a HOT day with continuous lightning and roaring winds. July 21, 2019 was such a day for us. Most of the time here we bust bigtime with anticipated widespread severe events. It's the ones that seemingly come out of nowhere that sneak up on you. Those you have to watch out for!
  4. Yes but the reality is it's just like dropping a buttered piece of bread, it always falls buttered side down.
  5. Could definitely be looking at warning level event by the 3rd... Flood warning that is.
  6. If we don't have legit winter weather, it would be nice to have sunny clear skies with temps in the upper 50s. That would rock.
  7. This pattern is bloody awful. But then again, January 1983 was quite bad too. And look what happened in the second week of Feb! Easily in the top five storms for us anyway. Otherwise, yeah it's getting pretty bad...
  8. Meanwhile, checking runs on tropical tidbits from your mobile is an occupational hazard...
  9. C:\ CD\WINTER C:\WINTER DEL . ARE YOU SURE? Y C:\WINTER DIR Volume in drive C is root Volume Serial Number is BC73-8FA8 Directory of C:\WINTER 12/28/2019 09:55 <DIR> . 12/28/2019 09:55 <DIR> .. 0 File(s) 0 bytes 2 Dir(s) 969,646,030,848 bytes free Someone is looping this now! LOL
  10. After this weekend the "sun angle" discussions and panic begin... I don't mind the sun angle, helps with my 15kW solar arrays. There's plenty of snow cover in Iceland I'm told!
  11. My phone went off about 15 min ago. Thought it was an Amber alert. Snow Squall Warning until 2115! Holy smokes! We did pick up a coating but the line is to our south and I'm sure I'll see areas that are white in my rounds tomorrow as the rates are impressive. Nothing like the Jan 25, 1985 event of course but at least I got an (official) squawk out of the box! Snow squalls are no joke as anyone that lives where they frequent will tell you. You're driving along and the next thing it's like your windscreen is wrapped in a white blanket! It's quite a serious threat indeed!
  12. The calcification process has begun! Remember when they issued traveler's advisories instead of winter weather advisories? I guess all those folks walking and slipping and falling outside, not necessarily driving or traveling, were affected and complained.
  13. Very winterwonderland looking out there this AM! Good .8" on the decking. Pavement looks clear. Seasonal accum broke the 1" barrier here with this one. Wow that is such an achievement! Compared to last year, with nary a flake in the whole month of December, it certainly is. The ultrasonic sensor pack has rhimed over nicely as evidenced by errant output. The heater fuse is open. Gah! Still, a two hour delay on public schools announced so early is ridiculous. Roads, even the dirt ones around here, should be no worse than the AM before with rain and fallen leaves.
  14. 50.1 MPH peak wind at 22:31. Nice strong S wind before line moved through. Wreaks havoc with inflatable decorations and leaves, oh my! Few flashes of lightning and some thunder. Very high rainfall rates. Today's total was 2.21" and nearly 2" of that was with the line! Power blinked a few times and saw some flashes on security cameras. Typical for winds like this. Temp definitely dropping nice. It was quite balmy after dinner. Now the wind chill box is showing up on the station reports. Bring on the snow!