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  1. Pick up a cheap 5kW genny. And the rule is your lights never go out after you get one! Just like it never snows after you buy a snow blower!
  2. Wife just called from car. Could barely hear her over hail. She said they're about the size of marbles but it was pretty heavy. She's in the parking lot at Whitemarsh Mall.
  3. Nice quick thunderstorm moved through. A few close strikes, pea to marble sized hail and a 37mph gust. Over in the wink of an eye. We're in the yellow box but no official severe which is typical. TBH, I don't mind. I'd rather spend my evening on the deck enjoying a beer rather than firing up the tractor and chain saws!
  4. Seeing the lightning and winds picked up out of the north peaking at just under 30 mph. No rain and thunder barely audible at this distance. Went out to check about an hour ago and TBH the most enjoyable thing was the incredible amount of fireflies! They're everywhere. Usually don't see these numbers until the last week of June. Of course last year the latest we saw them was October 7 which in its own was very unusual. The last time we saw them that late (end of Sept) was 2009. Was hoping to see a repeat of 09-10 winter but we all know how that went! LOL Activity seems to be waning. Pity. In this area nocturnal storms can be surprisingly intense. Anyone remember the band that cut through central MD back in 1987? From up here it looked like WWIII broke out. And our friends north of York said the lightning was so bright it woke them up. Those storms were in the Annapolis area. Very tall anvils. Sky was clear overhead. Love how bolts appear to shoot sideways out of those thunderheads and twist like barbed wire. I was talking to friends that lived in Perry Hall and they couldn't believe how bright the lightning was and thought it was peculiar that there was no thunder.
  5. Tennis ball size hail SE of Edgewood MD!
  6. I am in the middle of the Harford warn box. Absolutely no severe, winds near calm with moderate rain. 100s of lightning strikes this past 30 minutes within 10 miles and nice rumbling thunder. The heaviest activity was or is occurring to our northeast. Talk about being fringed. Looks like some training setting up. This is great tent sleeping weather but there may be too many CG strikes to be comfortable with that!
  7. Just got alerted for a lightning strike 8 miles south of me. Checked and yep, stuff popping up. Popcorn inbound.
  8. Newer smartphones have a wide angle lens. I have a Galaxy S10+ and the wide angle capture is quite impressive in that regard.
  9. Got a text from a friend leaving his office near Ellicott City. He sent me a pic of the ramp at 32 and 100 with a tree blocking everything except the shoulder. Looks bad. Stay safe out there! Lots of trees can still fall after the storm, been there done that!
  10. Probably nothing. Not that there was even a round one up here. Just a quick shower and one, yes one rumble of thunder! Big NON event here and we were solidly in enhanced whereas y'all to our south got legit severe.
  11. Zanclidae

    May Discobs 2019

    Ditto for us. Nice T&L. This along with the spring peepers makes for nice sleeping weather.
  12. Zanclidae

    April Discobs 2019

    Absolutely! Sudden non thunderstorm winds are definitely a threat to small craft. http://www.professionalmariner.com/February-2007/Five-tourists-killed-when-high-winds-overturn-pontoon-water-taxi-in-Baltimore-Inner-Harbor/
  13. Zanclidae

    April Discobs 2019

    49.4 mph peak at 11:44. Highest so far today. Definitely brisk out there. With the leaves it's definitely louder, more "hissy" sounding almost like tropical.
  14. 43mph gust and heavy rain with pea sized hail. Nice spring thundershower. And we were under a tornado warning for 34 minutes.