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  1. geo1

    February 2019 Discussion I

    This was heavy shit! That’s my calculus! And it sucked shoveling! Bring on the torch! Refreezing tonight and hope we get more melt tomorrow. [email protected] moment.
  2. Feeling like PF lol just a great day! Continues to snow here.
  3. Exactly what I mean! Looking out the window brings me back to 02-15. That or this will all be a dream in a few days we enjoy!
  4. This tops the November event in my book. Been a nice couple of back end reach around hours fascinating! Was a pleasure. Now we await more shit Wednesday/Thursday ughh..
  5. Awesome day ! Hmm maybe another inch , just in from shoveling again. Call it 4.5 or 5 if this fluffy stuff could continue lol.
  6. Sticking pretty good here. Going out to walk My boy it’s awesome outside best day of the winter by far here. No rain no sleet no ice except under foot.
  7. Spot on! Better flakes and coming down nicely. Maybe in the lucky zone and can be one of the lucky ones.
  8. Is that stuff coming in from the nw going to lead to our “fraud invt”?
  9. 3.5” or so here I’d take this over any of those sloppy storms we have had this year. Maybe another inch or so incoming if the radar isn’t lying?
  10. geo1

    Feb 18 overrunning threat

    Guess we will see box at least give us peeps north of the pike a wwa or maybe even a wsw?
  11. We bought a case one night back when I was a senior lol. 4 of us finished it off ended up in a park with one of those spinning rides three out of the four lost it I was one of the unlucky!
  12. Lol brings me back to the old days. Haffenreffer also known as Haffenwrecker or the Green Monsters was a good way to get your party started in my college days. Usually didn’t end well though LOL.
  13. geo1

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    Mixed with snow but yes we are transitioning. 4” is my best guess another slopfest!