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  1. Maybe 3” here in my part of Wilmington still a lighter snow not a bad refresher.
  2. Listen I need to go get my booze for the game give me 8” or shut it down! Moderate snow and great flakes.
  3. Looks like the good stuff as modeled is sliding SE
  4. I think we may pull off the higher end of the advisory amounts if this can sustain.
  5. Moderate dare I say heavy in Wilmington?
  6. Ya, it certainly could have been 20.5 earlier this morning. The only time I actually measured was the 18. Great storm everything is still caked here beautiful outside.
  7. Ya all I know is I am glad I bought my Ariens! shoveling the back yard dog paths killed my back. This Morning doing the plow mounds at both entrances of my horse shoe driveway paid for the machine.
  8. Just measured 18 inches in mby so given the compaction I believe close to 20 was attainable. I live in North Wilmington close to 93.
  9. In for a break from snow blowing id say in my area of Wilmington if it wasn’t 20” it’s pretty close. It is very wet heavy stuff.
  10. Stumbled upon the WC looking for a good radar shot on tv and they are going with taint to the NH border along and adjacent to the coast? 3” for Boston and 6” for me in Wilmington cmon? Switched back to the AHC to watch WW2 stuff! On another note who has a good free radar sight for my computer? The NWS is not any good anymore.