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  1. geo1

    Top 5(ish) New England Weather events

    man epic winters and epic sports teams we have been spoiled the last 20 years!
  2. geo1

    Top 5(ish) New England Weather events

    Geez no mention of the epic Period in 2014/2015 or is this just singular storms? My list: Blizzard of 78, 10 years old living in Medford MA. We had like 2 weeks off from school. Taking groceries up to my grandparents house via toboggan. Jumping off the Garage into piles of snow. Great times! Gloria: Way over performed in my hood trees uprooted. Fence in the back yard found 6 houses away in a million pieces. First time I had actually liked a dorm in the non winter month’s. The aforementioned period of 2014/2015! (Have to clump the period together on my list cause it never seemed to end.) Easily the tallest snowbanks I have ever seen(Wilmington MA.) Also driving around and into Boston was nearly impossible for a good 3 weeks so satellite work was needed. And that was no joke. April fools! was an awesome storm but broke my snowblower! Dropped a few spots on my list:/ This past 2 months!! Can not remember a better stretch of weather.
  3. geo1

    Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Convective Thread

    One huge clap of thunder and a 10 minute deluge skies clearing.
  4. geo1

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    Very well could pull a Floyd. Man this is a Beast.
  5. geo1

    Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Severe Potential

    Looks interesting. The cells coming from the southwest are gaining strength. Could be mostly W/MA but the stuff from CN an RI could be performing for round 1.
  6. geo1

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Not here ? And your in Billerica?
  7. geo1

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    95 /69 not getting into the annual dew high heat convo but it has been a couple of hhh weeks in Wilmington minus the Hazey just hot and humid I guess. Wasn’t the original HHH hazey,hot and humid?
  8. geo1

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    It’s Very hot out. do is 69 and temp is 94. Can we get a T-storm?
  9. geo1

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    It is hot out. All I got!
  10. geo1

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    That Sucks! Bruin our 8 year old boxer tore his left when he was 2 and this spring his right ughh! We are also watching my sister in laws 7 year old shepherd who also has torn her left ACL. Surgery for both soon.
  11. geo1

    June 2019 Discussion

    We AC for a couple days!
  12. geo1

    June 2019 Discussion

    Looks like I will turn on the Central AC in a few it’s 80 in the house when I came home. 90 outside according to the fake news ca thermometer.
  13. geo1

    June 2019 Discussion

    Not at the coast! But even today was way under forecasted inland. I’m all set with dews!
  14. geo1

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    What a delightful dinner that must of been set you back a few bucks but love the Capitol!
  15. geo1

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    If it’s not your thing that’s ok. If you find getting the meat out of the shell annoying I get it grilling steaks is also great!