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  1. Lol my shovels are still in the exact same spot the last time I used them in December. Seriously this YEAR SUCKS on all levels!!
  2. I would rethink if your conditions are like here. Heavy ass 2” and it is really hard to move!
  3. Ya plow just went down the road here too? Guess I should shovel.
  4. Lightning and thunder here!
  5. We definitely have plenty of snow cover left in Wilmington. For now.
  6. Was hoping it would hold together for you all south of 128. Great start to 2019/2020
  7. 92 was a bit foggy for me LOL college days in Providence.
  8. Even east coast! But either way the biggest December storm pre 12-15 I can remember in MA
  9. Must be broke all sorts of records coast to coast.
  10. The radar just went shredola on that band so looks like it is finally coming to an end. Great early start to hopefully a great winter!
  11. You may be correct! I don’t measure meticulously but we have to be pretty close.