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  1. Found this webcam: www.beachcamusa.com/tx/Galveston/galveston-seawall-cam. Not sure that pier is going to survive.
  2. The lightning strikes on lightningmaps.org are constant.
  3. Just keeps pouring!
  4. Second alert on the phone FFW extended until 8:30. If that stuff in S NH comes this way it will be interesting. Glad I'm not on 93
  5. Now vivid lighting and the loud thunder best storm in a long time.
  6. Just got the flash flood alert on the phone still dumping!
  7. Storm here keeps on going constant heavy rain, occasional small hail and lots of boomers. Nice
  8. Go in on a cool night and spray the **** out of it and run back into the house. That could get bad.
  9. Nice storm I hear sirens close by after a pretty vivid lighting strike.
  10. This stuff is moving real fast!
  11. I guess since it has been a mixed bag with mostly non accumulating snow all day here we have wasted at least half the precip and will end up below the warning criteria is fair to say?
  12. Never really stayed snow went from light rain, to big flakes to sleet and then a mix of all the above now brightening skies just on time to get out and get some dinner.
  13. And like Educate said now we snow. Maybe gain some of that elusive inch for Rays verification?
  14. Looks like it is trying to mix in some snow here!
  15. Holy **** the gust that just hit has to be the strongest I can remember here!!