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  1. Because our federal setup is antiquated and not up to running a modern country, state and local responses are hindered greatly by lack of resources. But yes, we should abolish states and have a rational system like other countries.
  2. Snow in Stamford. No accumulations though. Stark difference south of the Merritt.
  3. I uh....I'm feeling ok about this one. Looks like our building is going to be one of the buildings Stamford Public Schools uses to distribute breakfast and lunch to youth for the duration of the crisis. We've closed our school and in-school support services but are setting up to provide them remotely and are keeping the admin building and one office downtown open for any families that run into difficulties and need help.
  4. Stamford public schools also closing for two weeks. Will reassess after.
  5. Looks like Danbury is closing. We're closing our school in Stamford as of tomorrow.
  6. To revisit our misunderstanding yesterday: I think people are generally taking offense to others that seem to be saying that we should not be reacting with this level of caution to corona.
  7. Yeah, let's not exaggerate. We had James Buchanan as president and that guy that died because he got sick during his inauguration. Some good news though: my friend in Seattle is out of quarantine now and is ok.
  8. I've been seeing occasional mosquitoes since February. They're out and about.
  9. Today has ended up being a low-key nice day. Cool but not cold.
  10. Hey now, I have more than one hundred posts and I even posted a link to a news thing!
  11. Sounds like we both misunderstood each other. Fair enough. I apologize.
  12. Well, attacks aside, pandemic response is going to be inherently political as it's distribution of resources in society.
  13. Looks like we're taking a page from China's playbook? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-secrecy-exclusive/exclusive-white-house-told-federal-health-agency-to-classify-coronavirus-deliberations-sources-idUSKBN20Y2LM
  14. You just explained that you didn't think sinus infections were contagious and we shouldn't worry much about corona. No one thinks you should quarantine yourself over a cold?