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  1. 29 minutes ago, arlwx12 said:

    Oh NOOO! LWX has put a foot on your bandwagon too! (And a foot off it...)


    A vigorous shortwave in the southern stream will track across Texas
    toward the northern Gulf of Mexico Friday night. This will cause
    an area of low pressure to form along the Gulf Coast. This area
    of low pressure will track northeastward along with its parent
    shortwave during the day Saturday into Saturday night, rapidly
    intensifying as it does so. While there is still considerable
    spread with respect to track six days out, model guidance
    generally has the primary low associated with this system
    tracking somewhere between the eastern Ohio Valley and the
    Carolina coastline, with the majority of guidance showing a
    track just off to our south and east. While uncertainty with
    respect to track and resultant impacts remains high, the
    potential is there for locations to the east of the mountains to
    receive their first major snowstorm in two years.
    Ensemble guidance (especially the EPS) showed a significant
    increase in probabilities for snowfall across the region with the
    00z cycle last night. At the moment, the greatest chance for
    significant snow appears to be near and west of the Blue Ridge,
    while lesser but non-zero probabilities for significant
    snowfall exist further east. The track of the low will be
    critical, and an all rain scenario is still on the table to the
    east of the Blue Ridge. If that were to occur, there could
    potentially be issues with flooding as well. We`ll continue to
    keep an eye on this system over the upcoming week, as the
    potential is there for it to have a significant impact across
    the entire forecast area.





    It's been a long time since we've read something like that! Drool worthy!

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