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  1. Just another run of the mill 120 kt peak CV recurver. Already degrading, probably will be down to Cat 2 tomorrow.
  2. Reminds me of 2010 and the insane hype. I guess all it takes is one like last year.
  3. Total bust here, but at least I didn’t let myself get excited like Matthew and Irma. Was hoping at least for some hurricane force gusts that I could be on the beach for. I would give anything to have been in Joshes position.
  4. Absolutely ripping here in MKE, was not expecting this at all. Bike is my only transportation at the moment and the wind blowing over 30 mph and the fat flakes slapping my face makes it pretty tough. Thankfully it's relatively easy to ride through. Roads definitely getting accumulation though.
  5. Went out with no sleeves for about 2 minutes, wind chill about -35, it’s so cold it feels hot.
  6. Here at MKE the local news are calling for -23 and -55 wind chill, and -60 in Waukesha where I work. Those numbers just seem impossible that they’ll verify, I certainly don’t think my car would start or anything. We do have a really nice 8-10” fresh snow pack though that continues to build..
  7. I don’t understand how Chicago with its massive UHI can approach -27 and Milwaukee cannot?
  8. Well after seeing this mornings lows throughout the area I’ve certainly changed my tune. Especially after a fresh 10” snowpack, I’ll call for -22 in Milwaukee.
  9. That’s just absurd! They gonna hit near -40 tonight at this rate. Meanwhile holding steady at -5 or so here, I highly doubt we get below -15 next week either.
  10. Moderating effect of Lake Michigan is just insane. Only -2 still here in Milwaukee but -21 in Burlington. Is there something about that area, perhaps the soil, that causes such an insane temp difference? Waukesha is about just as inland and is at only -9.
  11. I'm thinking Cat 5 in the NW Caribbean in 7-8 days, threat to Florida but maybe between Florida and Cuba. Hopefully gets far enough NW before the trough.
  12. I have so much family in Puerto Rico and have been so many times. I know the geography very well. The interior areas are getting absolutely wiped out, never seen anything like it, it is like the apocalypse. Flooding on the rate of Harvey in only one day. The destruction is going to be unimaginable. It breaks my heart.
  13. That sounds like a terrible idea to get a met degree then... work harder than most other college students and get paid pretty much minimum wage unless you're one of the 1-5% that gets into the NWS
  14. There are only so few NWS jobs available, so I cannot comprehend where the rest of these thousands of meteorology graduates will find work