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  1. I’m not getting some experimental vaccine for a mild flu.
  2. People under 40 that get serious issues with this are either overweight or have birth defects, flu would probably be just as bad on them.
  3. Yeah feels absolutely brutal especially since I put my winter clothes up didn’t think it could feel this cold near June. The howling wind and rain just soaked my jeans in a couple minutes.
  4. I thought it was gonna be warm today, forecasted to be near 80. Morning bike ride was amazing by the lake felt like summer. It’s 45 and wind is just howling feels brutal in summer clothing
  5. I’ve ditched masks and have had no issues so far since there is no longer a statewide mask mandate and nobody feels the need to waste time or lose a customer by confronting me about it.
  6. I’ve thrown out all my masks, this is eradicated in my opinion, anybody that is high risk has been vaccinated so it’s no worse than a common cold now.
  7. Early to mid May around Milwaukee, but by the lake sometimes still see bare trees into June.
  8. I thought it’d be worse, but I’ve been able to do my usual outdoor activities biking and hiking with no issues. The cold has really hardened up the snow so I can ride more trails. Real test will be Sunday,
  9. -6, WC -24. Went on 15 mile ride, first hour I was able to stay completely warm, last half hour was agony felt like my toes were gonna fall off.
  10. Still at 1 here, waiting to go on a nice subzero bike ride.
  11. It’s already too damn cold to do anything outside can’t believe it’s just gonna get worse.
  12. Lol the snow piles are already huge I can’t imagine if we get another 6” followed by flash freeze. It’ll be fun digging out in subzero windchills
  13. Looks like at least a foot in downtown MKE
  14. 104? That’s absolutely insane, I’d be outraged. That’s dangerous. Worst flu I had I got to 104. Certainly not touching that vaccine.
  15. Had to abandon bike snow deep. No Lyft either