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  1. Damn not even the lake providing relief lol. Seeing upper 90’s at all the usual cool spots. Brutal.
  2. Thinking 110 HI is attainable today.
  3. Feels like brutal Florida summer out, been several years since I’ve felt those conditions so my body can’t handle
  4. Overachieving for sure in MKE! Loving it
  5. It’ll come south some… New Years MKE special upcoming
  6. Amazing, you could divide those totals by 4 and it still would be epic. I think we might have something here.
  7. Josh must be losing his touch, is he suffering from long covid or something
  8. Thankfully got new tires on my car, if I can’t get snow in MKE I can at least drive north and not feel like I’m gonna lose control. Pictured Rocks again might be nice even though it’s a 5 hour drive, the extra hour of daylight helps.
  9. Idk how you guys can do that. Must be some seriously solid ice. I tried walking on Devils Lake last January and saw people in the middle and assumed it was safe. Damn ice started cracking and distorting about 300 yards from shore, turned around and tip toed my way back, scariest few minutes I’ve experienced
  10. Still no measurable snow in Milwaukee either, wonder what the record is.
  11. Think I’m gonna drive up to Stevens Point or so to see some snow. Hopefully I won’t have to adjust further north.
  12. Can we please get an accumulation in MKE, still waiting on that.
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