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  1. Lots of trees still completely green and others completely changed over and now bare since their leaves got blown off.
  2. It’s over. Worst quality season since 2015 probably.
  3. What’s it looking like for SE WI? Thinking of heading up the Lapham Peak tower maybe I can get 65-70 kt winds again
  4. Other than Ida, meh. Thank god it was a daytime landfall but doesn’t really compare to Michael, probably since strongest winds were in the swamps
  5. It feels like another free month of summer I’ll take it. When the pattern changes it’s gonna be a shock for sure, I feel like it’s been pretty summer like since April.
  6. Damn that’s brutal reminds me of what happened to Frances and Isabel lol. Such a low latitude that’s really strange. I wonder if it can recover.
  7. Hella good pressure estimate before recon get in.
  8. I’d love to experience a hurricane up there sometime. Beautiful northern forest and hurricane force winds. Would just set myself up on an exposed ridge on an observation tower. Probably be hard to stay warm though.
  9. Lol where’s the hail, or the rain? The line literally split up right on top of me.
  10. Very good points Naso, props. We just need a strong Cat 4 to hit the South FL megalopolis. Areas outside of south Miami haven’t been hit with a major since 1949.
  11. Josh still MIA. I mean damn I know it’s frustrating to completely miss the eye, wonder what his explanation will be. People are all worried about him on his feed. Hmm. Not good for business.
  12. Thank god this is coming in at the perfect time, high tide and midday. Hoping some Grand Isle cams can make it through.
  13. I can’t recall, did any of the models indicate Michael would get into the 920’s? I feel like that kinda sneaked up on us, everyone was thinking low end Cat 4 at most.
  14. Getting Delta vibes… get this act together already
  15. Hopefully not another boring Shrimpland landfall that doesn’t destroy anything and chasers can’t get major hurricane winds. It’s only been a year since Laura so I really doubt it’s gonna hit that same area at least.
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