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  1. 4 minutes ago, 40/70 Benchmark said:

    Go to Pats Peak, just west of Concord.

    That's a good call.  Henniker, NH.  You can get there via 202, which is essentially a one-lane highway.  I wouldn't advise going up to Pats Peak in a sports car.  The roads to get there are winding.  "Downtown" Henniker might be good enough.  You can walk around there, too, by the river.

  2. Some November stats for my locale, South Portland, ME


    Total Liquid Precip - 5.23"
    Snow - 0.00"  (Trace on 4 days)
    Max 24 hr Precip (7A-7P) - 1.46" on 11/23
    Days  w/measurable precip- 12

    Avg Temp - 42F
    Avg Hi - 51F
    Avg Lo - 33F

    Max Hi - 70F on 11/7
    Min Lo - 15F on 11/19

    Max diurnal - 31 on 11/30 (26-57F)
    Min diurnal - 5 on 11/26 (34-39F)

  3. 8 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    LOL at all the sudden anti-vaxxers. Gonna need to get Fauci up there to tell the masked-up scared sheep this is a good vaccine and they can receive it. 

    That's a pretty black and white, broad stoke.  

    One can believe in the steps and actions that reduce the risk of transmitting the virus AND also have a healthy skeptism of whatever vaccine is first to market. 

    Also can you please elaborate on what "masked-up scared sheep" means?

  4. 35 minutes ago, dendrite said:

    Genuine question: do those filters work on both inhale and exhale? I thought the primary goal of wearing masks was to prevent you from potentially spreading it to someone else.


    43°F off a low of 34°F

  5. 6 hours ago, PhineasC said:


    Yeah, for Christmas make grandma show her test results before she can sample the egg nog. 

    So dumb. Full kool-aid drinker here, folks.

    I think you're dramatizing his idea a little.  It sounds pretty responsible to me.  Probably a good way to have a semi-normal holiday gathering without putting the family and community at greater risk.

    How does that make him a kool-aid drinker?

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