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  1. I guess we wait and see what the GEFS ensembles look like...oh well.
  2. Haha, that works too! Maybe...MAYBE!!...if we actually can reel this damned thing in, we should start up that classic bus!!
  3. LOL! Extra kudos for the Gordon Ramsay reference! Seen many episodes of his "Hell's Kitchen", and it's pretty interesting and amusing. Now, if only the GFS can get more on board??
  4. Since it's so spring-like, how about a daffodil?
  5. But I already see the back edge of the sunshine...it will be here at about 6PM!!
  6. First rule of the Don't Know Club: Don't say you can't know yet!
  7. Yeah not a lot of "huge" hits, but honestly not sure if anyone is really looking for a huge one at this point. There are a couple or so others that are pretty decent and a couple that have a more "southern component" to the max amount. Hell, can we just order P28 and be done with it?!?!
  8. You got 'd by @ravensrule already! Too much of a bat signal hahaha!
  9. Strangely, that's not as bad an outcome as I would have thought given how things looked earlier on. Just need to punch that damned SER down more, somehow, some way!
  10. I don't know for sure, but I'll let you know in 10 days or so! But I don't feel overly confident if I will or not this far in advance.
  11. This is actually what has been so damned frustrating to me. Though not like I or anyone else can do anything about it of course. Guidance has consistently shown a developing and impressive -NAO blocking signal, however, we continue to have that ever-present SE ridge. It. Just. Won't. Go. Away! Won't even recede for enough time for something good to happen. So you end up with that linkage between SER and -NAO and we're screwed. Yeah, a few times the models depicted some push-back against the SER and hints that we might get some decent chance at a decent event. But then that idea disappears and the storm goes off well to our northwest. Nothing is cutting through that SER, it seems, and not much squashing it enough either. There's always a possibility that could change, especially with shortening wavelengths as we get into March. Hopefully something can punch it down enough before we're getting up to the edge of realistic snow climo range.
  12. Continued photos!... A female cardinal at a bird feeder. Early cherry blossoms.
  13. OK folks! A little something to cheer you all up with the lack of snow and our incessant winter fails! A few photos... Snowdrop flower, I changed the color/tone settings to make the greens look copper (I thought it looked cool!). A stunning tree, in a creamy (and slightly grainy) black & white.
  14. Most of us here would love a solid advisory to warning level event (doesn't have to be some prolific HECS!), and a couple of nice, wintry feeling days even in early March, at this point. I'd look at it like that event we got around March 14 or 15 last year. Warm leading in, but we got one cold, brisk, snowy day with advisory level snow which was pretty cool. Of course after a couple of days it was gone and we warmed up again, but it was fun!
  15. On the flipside of that, March 2012 featured many 70-80+ degree days and cherry blossoms were in full bloom by St. Pat's Day.
  16. March 21, 2018 we got several inches of snow after some things started blooming. Here's snow on cherry blossoms from that event.
  17. Sounds like a good name for a beer. BASE STATE IPA!! Or BASE STATE Stout!
  18. That would definitely be Silence of the Lambs!! Get 'yer fava beans and chianti ready!
  19. Still the WTFs, no matter the actual name change!!
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