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  1. Light snow downtown Winston. Back edge moving this way fast though
  2. Is all this precip so far just part of the over-running? Seeing the back edge already near the TN/NC border...could it re-blossom to the NW with coastal transfer?
  3. Down to 33 here - SW Winston. Light to moderate snow, visibility slightly better. Radar looks a bit lighter upstream to the WSW. Only sticking to grass, trees, car tops so far.
  4. Moderate snow now in Winston - visibility dropped noticeably.
  5. Very light snow, small flakes near in Winston - Statford/Hanes Mall area - just started.
  6. Just some fuzzy overcast still in Winston. Breezy.
  7. Is it just a coincidence that current SE regional radar mosaic mirrors the modeling - showing the lee side precip shadowing in NW piedmont? I mean it looks just like the total QPF maps.
  8. 39/26 - dew point trying to creep up. Just some virga overhead.
  9. Thanks, I agree. I'm remembering the over-running orientation from the December 2018 big storm. Definitely had a WSW to ENE movement. Our air is super dry here now. Maybe I'll storm chase to Rocky Mount or Greenville
  10. Were dew points modeled to drop this low in the Triad area? I'm seeing lots of low 20's... I understand that helps a quick changeover to snow - but isn't it a double-edge sword with lower QPF and accumulation?
  11. Can anyone remember a really crazy snowfall gradient, within one county, in the Piedmont/Triad area? Looking at the latest NAM maps, if to verify, would be some wild cutoffs somewhere near Forsyth or Guilford county... Thanks
  12. Would you include the Triad as part of the lee side in this setup? Or a bit further West in the true foothills...
  13. We have been right on the edge of the front all day. We were about 60 degrees in Winston until 4am or so, then dropped to mid 40's in less than 2 hours. Climbed just slightly up to around 49-50 degrees just in the last hour. Amazing how the most severe cells came right up just to our south, less than 10 miles, then pushed east. Forsyth County was actually tornado warned earlier but the radar indicated rotation was JUST south in Davie County. Closest lighting strike though was less than 2 miles, lots of thunder today. Dangerous day but extremely interesting to learn from as a novice.
  14. I'm always impressed by the cold-air wedge east of Apps. Always seems to over-perform and hang longer than modeled. This was a tough one to nail down W-E orientation setup...
  15. Crazy temperature gradient between Winston-Salem/Greensboro and as close by as Asheboro area. Mid 40s here in Winston and hovering 60 only 20 miles away. Just another ingredient we don't need in the Piedmont...
  16. Ok now we got some white rain here. 60/40 R/S mix I’d say. Nice to see a little snow TV
  17. Just light rain in Winston downtown...
  18. Agreed. The problem really hasn’t been cold of course, just wet! Our club has good drainage and still been sloppy, cart path only.
  19. Every year about this time I’m torn between wanting big snowstorm and warm enough to golf. The struggle is real. At least some mood flakes would be nice.
  20. Driving from Winston Salem to DC this morning, going to take 29 route: Greensboro-Lynchburg-Charlottesville-DC. Expecting to see different light precip types. Will try to mPing and post obs. Flizzard here at the moment.
  21. Let’s have this thing exist at D4 range. Then I’m in.
  22. Looking at CC on doppler, first time I ever remember being south of the west to east oriented sleet line...and its snow falling. Back and forth snow/sleet but super interesting. Using KFCX site and location is downtown Winston-Salem.
  23. All three falling at once in Winston near downtown. Even mix id say. Slushy on car tops just a little