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  1. Listening to scanner feeds it sounds like Delaware, Ohio and now Indiana have been hit tonight. A trailer park in Logan County, OH was hit and was called a mass casualty incident.
  2. All the local TV mets here called for above average snow here. Huge bust. Looks like it's not even going to snow. Couldn't even get a system that was close to snow. Everyone bet on the Nino to bring us more snow. Something has definitely changed because the things that used to be good for us in the past to get snow here don't seem to work as well.
  3. Hard for me to believe it's going to snow here this winter until it actually does. I don't care how good the pattern supposedly is, the past few winters have been terrible for snow.
  4. I'm sure we'll get cold again in February after the warm up this week. I just don't think we'll have any precip to go along with it when it's cold enough for snow. It's been the same thing the last few winters. Cold and dry, warms up and rains, drys out in time for it to get cold again. Until that doesn't happen I don't see any reason to believe it's going to be any different in regards to snow chances in NC outside the mountains, and especially for the Triangle and east.
  5. I'll believe it when it happens. Just think we'll get more of the same. Dry when it's cold and rain when it warms up.
  6. Pretty desperate if we're already talking about March. I don't believe there's a chance of any winter weather here past February.
  7. Another horrible winter for NC east of the mountains. When it's cold enough for snow it's dry. And when it warms up it rains. It's the norm here the past few years.
  8. Officially have Tropical Storm Ophelia. BULLETIN Tropical Storm Ophelia Intermediate Advisory Number 5A NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL162023 200 PM EDT Fri Sep 22 2023 ...CYCLONE BECOMES TROPICAL STORM OPHELIA... ...TROPICAL STORM CONDITIONS CONTINUING ACROSS COASTAL PORTIONS OF NORTH CAROLINA... SUMMARY OF 200 PM EDT...1800 UTC...INFORMATION ---------------------------------------------- LOCATION...32.7N 76.0W ABOUT 150 MI...240 KM SE OF CAPE FEAR NORTH CAROLINA ABOUT 185 MI...295 KM S OF CAPE HATTERAS NORTH CAROLINA MAXIMUM SUSTAINED WINDS...60 MPH...95 KM/H PRESENT MOVEMENT...NNW OR 345 DEGREES AT 12 MPH...19 KM/H MINIMUM CENTRAL PRESSURE...992 MB...29.29 INCHES
  9. Wonder if folks up here in the Triangle need to prepare for downed trees and power outages. Not sure if it will be that bad up here or not.
  10. Level 3 threat. Doesn't sound good. Hope we have some junk earlier in the day to stabilize things.
  11. Finally feeling like summer next week. And a level 2 severe threat for Monday.
  12. Hard to really trust anything past a couple of days anyway. The models love to show something in the 7 to 10 day range only for them to disappear the next day.
  13. Know exactly where that is. My office used to be off Slater Rd. Could have been worse. There are a bunch of offices, hotels, restaurants, and even a Walmart nearby.
  14. Looks like there was damage to the Pfizer building in RTP and trees down there.
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