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  1. GFS looks awesome. Hard to deny the consistency of the models showing where the heaviest totals are in NC.
  2. I don't know why anyone pays attention to him. He's a jerk.
  3. So, Huffman has me in the area to get the most snow from this storm. The GFS and Euro look good. If this screws up now that we're about 3 to 4 days away...
  4. So, was the NAM just bringing the precip 24 hours later or did it just not have the precip Thursday night like the GFS and Euro did?
  5. NAM gets there, just seemed to be later than the Euro and GFS.
  6. NAM looks either slower or less precip coming west with the initial wave Thursday into Friday.
  7. Yeah, looks like it is just a matter of how much will be snow and how much will be ice.
  8. If anything the models have trended better today for central NC.
  9. What an awesome run for the Euro. Definitely took a step to the GFS and UK. The models continue to show the area for the largest totals are from Charlotte moving NE into SE VA.
  10. Anyone have the Kuchera for the Euro? I think it would have even bigger totals.
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