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  1. Some folks, the same folks as always, are always going to be pessimistic unless it's wall to wall cold and threats showing up every week from December to March. It's their usual shtick.
  2. Been raining here all morning, but doubt we'll get anything severe. Nothing really to spark the storms now that we've had rain already.
  3. Yes, we have seen a lot worse. I don't think we are far off from getting some serious winter storm threats here. We're just taking baby steps to get everything set up for them, and it's hard to be patient now that we're in the middle of December.
  4. GFS ensemble mean showing pretty much everyone in NC seeing snow.
  5. If anyone in the SE sees any snow at all falling in November, it should be counted as a win.
  6. With the way the models have been flipping back and forth like they said, it's probably best to just wait and see until we get closer. Euro showed potential first, then the GFS came along and really increased totals while the Euro decreased potential, and now we're back to the Euro showing more potential than the GFS again. And we'll probably see more back and forth and swamping since we're still a week out.
  7. The 12th to 15th period has been looking interesting since Monday. First, it looked like we might have a shot on the 12th, then the 14th, and now this looks like the 15th. Anything we see now in terms of winter weather, even if it's just a few flakes and no accumulation, would be awesome since we're just entering the middle of November. Hope this is a sign of good things to come this winter.
  8. I took my talents to another board for SE weather that has a lot more traffic than the SE forum here these days.
  9. Looks like all the action in NC is north of 40 and moving NE.
  10. Just saw I am under a severe storm warning until 4:15.