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  1. 29 minutes ago, JerseyWx said:

    Absolutely.  I've said it several times but all summer and fall has been very wet and gloomy.  We need a pattern shift this spring.

    And the wildfire smoke!! Awful 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Great Snow 1717 said:

    I live in NE Mass,there hasn't been a morning temp below 11 degrees..

    12 has been my low here. Nothing suggests we get colder by seasons end. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, NorthShoreWx said:

    NEAR TERM /THROUGH MONDAY/... Mid-level dry across the area has resulted in mainly drizzle and/or light rain for the afternoon hours, but every now and then a heavier pocket may mix with sleet and/or snow as verified by mPING reports. The upper low/trough will move across the area and precipitation should fill back in with a moistening vertical profile. Expect the snow growth region (-10 to -20C) to moisten and rain to transition to snow through the night with even a rain/snow mix getting down to the coast during the early morning hours. However, temperatures are forecast to generally be above freezing through the night with the possible exception of higher elevations across inland areas. Precipitation will generally be light, so any accumulations should be minor. Liquid equivalent overnight into Monday will be about a 0.25". Also interesting to note, as surface low pressure passes to the south and east, gusty NE winds will become more northerly through the night. For Long Island, this will be off the Long Island Sound. Multiple high res models are picking on a west to east enhancement in the precipitation across Long Island. This is due to a moist upslope component which has been noted in past events. It doesn`t take much elevation to help squeeze out a bit more. This may be enough to provide a coating of snow across this area.


    LFG. lol 

    upslope snow on LI to nickel and dime to 6” of snowfall? My god are times tough 

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  4. January 27 and 5” of snow for the season. Based on this board I should have had 4 feet of snow by now. People need to realize a good pattern on paper doesn’t mean it will snow. Once people get that concept the overhyping will stop. It’s the overhyping that kills weather boards these days more than anything. 

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