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  1. 3 minutes ago, wilsonvoid1 said:

    we got jinxed euro shows warmer friday nite now but i guess the good thing is you didn't start it so start it tuesday morning when there's a decent thump, and maybe we'll get unjinxed for fridays nights event and we get a snowstorm


    Oh I started it 

  2. 9 minutes ago, LibertyBell said:

    I'm much more partial to Prospect Park it's where I grew up.  I've always considered Manhattan and Central Park where the elitist of the elite hang out and I'm not into that kind of snobbery.  I also don't like the obsession over Central Park weather, New York City is a lot larger than just that one park and I feel the conditions over the entire city need to be taken into account when considering records....this discussion has been had on this forum ad infinitum, whether it's averaging of the park plus the two (or three airports if you also consider Newark) or taking the highest and lowest of all of them combined for the records.  I happen to support all of that since it gives a much fuller picture of the city than just one location which isn't even accurate in its measurements of snowfall, wind or temperature.  I've been to the Bronx Zoo and Prospect Park several times, just never Central Park.


    Incredibly ignorant statement. Elitist? You realize the northern section of the park goes up into Harlem right? The park has a great mix of people. You really sound like an idiot with that comment, sorry man. The park is a melting pot, just like the city, filled with culture. 

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  3. 20 minutes ago, winterwx21 said:

    Yeah the CMC is a coating to an inch for saturday evening. UKMET actually just came in pretty good for saturday. A solid 1 to 3 inch event on 12z UKMET. Hopefully Euro will come aboard. We finally have cold enough air if we can get some moisture in here late saturday. This looks like NYC's best chance to see an inch of snow in this joke of a winter. 

    I will take it. 

    I was in the garden yesterday and the bugs are already out in full force. Going to be a terrible year for ticks and mosquitoes. 

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