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  1. 11 minutes ago, uofmiami said:

    ISP benefiting from a N wind so far this morning. Winds just went S to SW so I’m sure ISP hit their high for the day if winds stay that direction.

    FRG hit 90 again. 88/67 at ISP now, mid summer feel. 

    Edit: 90 for the high here so far

  2. 2 hours ago, TWCCraig said:


    ISP, and places south & east were in a sea breeze most of the day. Most stations out east barely made it out of the low 80's. My high was only 86 before the sea breeze. The stations are not off at all lol

    FOK was only 81

    Islip has been low all summer. Sure the east end always is cooler for the most part…but isp is not on the water and is not comparable at all to FOK. It is more comparable to FRG and shouldn’t be a full 6 degrees cooler. when JFK and FRG both hit 90 and isp at 84, somethings off

  3. 22 minutes ago, WestBabylonWeather said:

    I feel like islip is wrong. Reached 90 imby today it was HOT.



    20 minutes ago, lee59 said:

    Islip does look a little out of place.

    Farmingdale hit 90…so no way islip only hits 84…

  4. 46 minutes ago, SnoSki14 said:

    Dews are in the mid 60s so it's not that low. 

    But today is just the beginning. The next few days will be very hot and I bet we'll see advisories go up.

    Dews were upper 60s out here earlier, 69 at ISP and currently 68 at FRG. 

    Very muggy on the island. 

  5. 17 minutes ago, qg_omega said:

    What a summer, coolest in recent memory.  Shocking lack of 90 degree days

    There are stats for this stuff you know…coolest in 4-6 years. Unless you have Alzheimer’s recent memory goes further back than 4 years…

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