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  1. How much of that is sleet in the area just northwest of BOS?
  2. Thanks.
  3. For those of us who don't have access to the Euro maps, what does it show, especially for BOS and areas just north?
  4. Thanks Ray.
  5. The 4K NAM looked colder for the area just north of BOS (near Medford where I am) vs. the 32K Nam. Would the higher resolution be picking up on the cold better?
  6. Heaviest snow of the day. Absolutely puking snow right now.
  7. Thundersnow in Medford just now.
  8. All snow now and intensity picking up nicely. Let's see how long I can hold on.
  9. How far back east do you think the CF will retreat? I'm right on the line here in West Medford. More sleet and snow starting to mix back in.
  10. Baseballs are pouring here in Medford.
  11. Still snow in Medford with intensity increasing.
  12. Snowing in Medford.
  13. Cool. You're then about 3 miles NW of me. As long as I'm snow, you're golden. Ripping all snow here.
  14. Roosta, where in Arlington are you? I'm in West Medford so we've got to be pretty close.
  15. Still holding onto all snow in West Medford.