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  1. Flakes mixing in here in Medford.
  2. I think we ended up with around 5" here in Medford. Temps hovered at 32.2 during the meat of the storm with all snow (until the slot) but just warm enough to limit greater accumulation. Drizzle flipped back to snow around 9am.
  3. You think Medford is far enough NW or too close to call? I feel like we often end up on the colder side here or right on the line.
  4. What will this CF do in the hours to come? Pretty stationary or a slow drift NW?
  5. 22 here in Medford. Will be riding the line here.
  6. Yeah. CF came back through about an hour ago and drizzle flipped back to snow. Temp now down to 32.7.
  7. I think the CF just came through Medford. I’ve dropped 2.5 degrees in the past 15 min. Now down to 34 from 36.5.
  8. Heaviest of the night so far in Medford. Been all snow so far.
  9. How far N and W of Bos? What about at a place like Medford?
  10. How much of that is sleet in the area just northwest of BOS?
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